Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cone 5 Copper Red

Here is a glaze called :

PANAMA RED Cone 6 Reduction
45.50 Potash Feldspar
16.30 Silica
2.70 Whiting
2.70 Kaolin
8.00 Dolomite
11.00 Gerstley Borate
10.00 Ferro Ferro 3110
4.30 Strontium Carbonate
2.70 Zinc Oxide

2.70 Tin Oxide
1.80 Copper Carbonate


Milk Gloss Base cone 6

50 Gerstley Borate (or sub.)
30 Silica
20 Kaolin

Add : 1% Red Iron Oxide


John Britt


ang said...

wow thats got some great detail going on!! some great possibilities in a lower fire range..

Joel said...


In your glaze book theres a mug glazed with Purple Haze and a white liner inside, like this cup. Is there a reason you use a white liner, other than aesthetic? Are you trying to eliminate the chance of glaze leaching and toxicity or are you just using the white liner glaze for artistic reasons? Would you use a copper red or purple haze on a dinner plate?

p.s. I'll be getting your John's Red tested for leaching on my stoneware clay in the next month or 2, for only about $25 woo!

John Britt said...

Thats great. Let me know what the results are.

No, I am not afraid of leaching as it only has a small amount copper but I just like the look of a the white on the rim with the red. Of course I change things a lot.

I do have red plates, too.