Saturday, August 28, 2010

Save Money on Razor Blades/ The Ultimate Solution to pouring your money down the drain....literally!!

Here is my take on the way to save money on razor blades.  (Saw it on the HLN with Clark Howard.)

You immediately dry your razor with a towel or hair dryer after shaving.  (I just blow on it with my large mouth and excessive wind) Then you put it in a  Handmade Ceramic Cup with about and 1" of baby oil (or mineral oils will spoil.) .  (I sell these special ceramic cups!  Come to TRAC tonight and get one.)

What this does is prevent the razor from oxidizing or  "rusting" and becoming dull. A razor blade is much stronger than your hair, so shaving doesn't dull it very much. What dulls the blade is water ...either from leaving it wet after using it,  or in our case, HUMIDITY.

Mitchell County is in  a neo-tropical rain forest so it is about 80 - 90 % humidity every day, which dulls the blade. I noticed that my blades stayed sharp longer in Dallas TX, which is pretty dry. But when I moved to western North Carolina they only lasted a month or so.

With this method, my razor lasted one full year!!!

Give it a try and pass it on . I call it GREEN SHAVING.

John Britt

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