Saturday, March 28, 2020

Glazing with Spotted Purple for Clay Buddies mini-NCECA

Clay Club Coronavirus/Covid-19 update

Hey Clubbers – I hope everyone is doing all right as the number of cases of coronavirus/Covid-19 increase in Western North Carolina. It's hard to know when we might be able to meet in person again and I wanted to let you know that our April Clay Club hosts, The Village Potters, are talking about the possibility of a virtual Clay Club. We'll keep you posted about that. (April Clay Club was going to be the Clay Club Coffee Club proposed by Sarah Wells Rolland. The Village Potters are still hoping to host a Saturday morning Clay Club when we're able to meet in person – hopefully that will be sooner rather than later.)

In the meantime, stay home and stay safe!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Free Studio Potter memberships for educational institutions affected by COVID-19

Eligible educational institutions include K-12 schools, community centers and universities. From the Studio Potter website:

In light of the reality that many of our colleagues are scrambling to create online learning for their ceramics students, Studio Potter is offering a three-month free membership to educators. Our archive of over 8,000 pages of content will be accessable, and it is an excellent resource for remote ceramic education.

Any university or educational institution including all K-12 schools and community centers who teach ceramic courses that are affected by COVID-19 are eligible for the free three month membership. All students and faculty will access the journal under one log in for the three month period.

More here:

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Penland Potter looking for shelter

Penland Potter looking for shelter:

I want to start by just saying thank you to any of you who are able to take the time read this and consider what I'm asking - I know this is a really trying and stressful time for everyone so I'm not expecting anything, but I thought it couldn't hurt to reach out to people in the WNC clay community and see what comes back.

As I'm sure you have all heard by now, Penland has completely closed down in light of the coronavirus situation. I was here assisting Jenny Mendes for the Spring Concentration and I am trying to figure out what to do.

I moved out of my house in California and drove out here, and was intending to stay on the East Coast for the foreseeable future. I am trying to pursue a career/life in clay, and I want to do everything I can to keep working towards that despite the reality of the moment.

Basically I'm trying to figure out a place to sleep and a way to stay busy for the next month or two. I have a wheel and my own car so I could be relatively self-sufficient, and also am very willing to help out with any studio or home-related work. I'm not looking for monetary compensation, and am willing in able to pay rent depending on the situation. I have professional experience cooking in restaurant kitchens, farming, and some production pottery experience including loading/firing wood and gas kilns (and soda firing).

If anyone of you might be able to work something out, or know someone who might, please let me know!

Wishing everyone health and the ability to maintain a sense of purpose in this time!!

- Miles McCreary

Mask donation suggestion for clay artists

From Victoria Hicks:

As clay artists, many of us keep stocks of high-quality particle masks in our studios — comparable to or more effective than the N95 masks that are now in desperately short supply for medical personnel and people particularly susceptible to COVID-19. Please consider donating any stock of masks you have to local hospitals, clinics or people you know who are elderly or have serious, chronic health conditions. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Important News From TVPCC Regarding COVID-19

Important News From TVPCC Regarding COVID-19:

We made the decision to temporarily close our Gallery and Teaching Center for the next 2 weeks (starting Tuesday, March 17, 2020). Depending on the situation in our region and country in the coming weeks, we may reevaluate our current plan, and any changes or updates will be posted on our website and social media pages.

Laguna Clay purchases and special orders can still be made via phone and email! We will work with customers on an individual basis to schedule a pick up time. If you would like to purchase clay or other Laguna Clay supplies you may contact Lindsey at or give us a call at (828) 253-2424.

Also, stay connected with us via Instagram and Facebook for some exciting things in the coming days!

We deeply appreciate your support during this time!


The Village Potters Clay Center
Sarah, George, Lindsey, Chris, Julia, Judi, Lori, Tori, Katie, Eva, and Caroline

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Odyssey ClayWorks COVID-19 Update + Spring Classes and Workshops and Summer Kids Clay Camps

Odyssey ClayWorks shared this COVID-19 update along with their upcoming schedule:

Hello students, customers, friends,

After a lot of careful deliberation, we have decided to close Odyssey ClayWorks for two weeks. We have a tentative re-opening date of Monday, March 30th, and will be in touch if that changes. The studio as well as the gallery will be closed to students, customers, and the greater public.

Our Spring Session of classes, set to start today, will be postponed two weeks. Our 8 week classes will re-start on Monday, March 30th and run through the week of May 25th (not including May 18th-22nd, due to our 5-day Amazing Glaze Workshop). Our 6-week classes will run as planned. If you would like to reserve your spot, we will keep you in the class and be in touch closer to the re-start. If you would like to have a credit for a future class or workshop, that can be arranged as well.

Thank you so much for your understanding during this time. We hope you and yours stay safe and healthy! We look forward to having you all back in the studio soon!

Odyssey ClayWorks

Spring 2020

March 16th – May 15th, 2020

The Figure, Abstracted
Leonid Siveriver
Mondays 6-9pm
March 16th – May 4th
The objective of this course is to develop a mastery of the human form in 3 dimensions based on a live model, and then add an abstract spin. We will be inspired by both the human form, as well as the geometric and abstract capabilities of clay. The result is a unique and expressive modality which captures the vitality of the human spirit. This class is open to all levels.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Tuition: $350 + $75 Lab & Live Model Fee

Better Work, Hotter Fire
Gillan Doty
Thursdays 6:30 – 9pm
March 19th – May 14th
No Class April 9th

Sign up now for a chance to fire your work in our brand-new salt kiln! This class will be dedicated to exploring dynamic surfaces at Cone 10. We will achieve intriguing surfaces by using reduction firing techniques and by utilizing a variety of slips and glazes. During class, we will focus on making more complex forms on the potter’s wheel by stacking pieces together to create taller, more intriguing pots.

Level: Intermediate and Advanced

Tuition: $310 + $65 Lab Fee

The Realm of Red Clay
Sara Ballek
Fridays 10 am – 12:30 pm
March 20th – May 15th
No class March 27th

Join Sara Ballek this session as she dives into the magical realm of red clay. We will be working with a red clay body fired at midrange temperatures to create rich, distinctive works of art. Sara will introduce surface design processes and finishing methods to refine each piece. Students interested in this course should have some knowledge on working with clay and understanding of a few basic construction techniques.

Level: Intermediate and Advanced

Tuition: $310 + $50 Lab Fee

Matt’s Class
Matt Wegleitner
Thursdays 3 – 5:30pm

April 2nd – May 7th

Come experience the love of clay! Join instructor Matt Wegleitner and learn the skills needed to create decorative, hand-built, and functional pottery. Demonstrations will include pinch, coil, and slab techniques with a focus on creating interesting surfaces and unique forms. We’ll also cover the basics of glazing and firing your work. All skill levels welcome.

Level: All levels

Tuition: $245 + $45 Lab Fee

Me, You and Raku
Paul Gisondo
Mondays 11am – 1:30pm
April 6th - April 27th

Create dramatic wheel thrown forms with Raku in mind and in preparation for an incendiary day of hand-on firing with Raku Guru Paul Gisondo. Students will learn faceting and how to create trapped air forms, as well as how to throw towering vases in 2 parts. We will use tape and wax resist design techniques and glaze our work with a variety of crackle, iridescent luster and matte glazes. For adventurous intermediate (and above) wheel throwers.

Level: Intermediate and Advanced
Tuition: $200 + $35 Lab Fee

Muddy Makers
Ages 8-12
Paige Janeri
Tuesdays 4 - 6pm
March 31st – May 5th

The process of working with clay is fun, creative, and expressive! “Muddy Makers” is great for students looking to meet other creative kids, while shaping, sculpting, and decorating projects you can take home and use. We will also get a chance to work on the potter’s wheel! Join Paige on this journey to learn the basics of clay, make friends, and have fun in the studio!

Tuition: $225
$25 discount for siblings enrolled in the same class

Ready, Set, Throw! One Night Pottery Classes

Friday, May 8th, 7 – 9pm
Ever wanted to try your hand at the pottery wheel? Have you always wanted to learn to throw but you’re not sure if you want to commit to an 8-week class? Or maybe you and some friends are just looking for something different to do in Asheville on a Friday night. Well, look no further. Ready, Set, Throw is here!
Even if you’ve never touched clay before, our highly skilled staff will guide you through the entire process. It’s the perfect opportunity to get creative and have fun! All ages and skill levels are welcome.

Level: All Levels, Beginners Welcome

Tuition: $55 Per person, per night

Kiln Maintenance for Great Firings
Les Powell
unday, March 22nd
9:30 am- 4:30 pm

Want to know more about your electric kiln? Maybe how to maintain it and ensure that it lasts forever? Join Kiln Tech Les Powell, trained by Skutt, for a day dedicated to all things electric kiln. Les will show you how to replace elements, relays, bricks, and wiring. He will also demonstrate a number of best practices for loading and programs that will optimize your firings. Get the insider’s view on how to maximize your kiln’s performance.

Levels: All Levels
Tuition: $135

Plaster and Clay
Tyler-James Anderson
April 17th – 19th
Friday 6-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 9:30am-4:30pm

Join Tyler and learn the fundamentals of mold making and how to utilize plaster to accentuate your hand building and wheel throwing. Demonstrations will include how to design and cast feet, knobs, handles and other decorative elements for your pots. Students can expect to learn the basics of plaster mold making and how to implement those tools in non-traditional manners, resulting in some truly fun and highly replicable work.

Level: All Levels
Tuition: $275 (all materials included)

Amazing Glaze
Gabriel Kline
May 18th – May 22nd
Monday – Friday, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Do you hate glazing? I mean, do you really HATE glazing?  Have you experienced the frustration of making a beautiful piece, then ruining it with flawed, or perhaps worse, boring glaze? Would you rather spend your time doing just about ANYTHING else, even cleaning your studio? Then this is the workshop for you! Join best-selling author of the book, Amazing Glaze, as he reveals the techniques that will help you learn to love the glazing process, achieve more dynamic results, and get your work noticed. Topics will include under and overglaze decoration, glazing large and delicate work, spraying glazes, and multiple firings. We will also examine the basics of formulating, mixing, and altering a glaze.

Level: Seasoned Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

Tuition: $595 + $75 Lab Fee, Includes a copy of the book Amazing Glaze.


Clay Camp 2020

June 8th – August 14th, 2020
10 weeks
Ages 5 - 17

A Bug’s Life
Ages 5 – 8
Paige Janeri

June 8 – 12, 9am – 12pm

What do you think of bugs? Are they eww gross? Or way cool?! One thing is for certain, they are super important for a healthy planet. We can learn a lot from these little critters, and in this camp, we will do just that! We’ll dig in the dirt and watch our ideas take flight. Come on all you earthworms and ladybugs! Let’s party!

It's Wheely Fun!
Ages 8 – 12
Halima Flynt

June 8 – 12, 2 – 5pm

Learn how to throw on the potter’s wheel during this “wheely” fun camp! We will make and decorate mugs, bowls, flower vases and more! Join Halima for a fun camp with an upbeat atmosphere. Let’s go for a spin!

FUNctional Figures
Ages 8 - 12
Sara Ballek

June 15 – 19, 9am – 12pm

Have you ever seen a fox turn into a coffee mug? Or used a unicorn horn for an ice cream cone? In this camp we will be learning how to make several types of pots and will add details to give them their own personality! The focus will be on getting students comfortable using the wheel while having the creative freedom to turn their pots into fun characters along the way!

Pedal to the Metal
Ages 8 – 12
Kelsey Sickmeyer

June 15 – 19, 2 – 5pm

We are going to go learn how to use a pottery wheel to make cups, bowls, vases and plates! Students will learn different ways to decorate these vessels, and once finished, they will be food safe treasures for the whole family! This is a fun exploration of the clay studio for kids age 8-12.

On Your Marks, Get Centered, Throw!
Ages 6 – 10
Sara Ballek

June 22 – 26, 9am – 12pm

Handmade pottery is a great way to add some fun and creativity to your meals! What if you had the chance to make some of your own? Students will learn how to throw on the potter’s wheel to create a variety of objects for daily use. We will also explore painting, decorating and sculpting to add final touches to our masterpieces!

Set the Table
Ages 8 – 12
Amy Briggs

June 22 – 26, 2 – 5pm

It is scientifically proven that food taste better off of dishes you made yourself! Learn how to fill the kitchen cabinet with one of a kind bowls, cups, and plates that your family will love to use for years to come. Ding! Ding! Ding! Come to the table! Dinner’s ready!

Sculpting the Animal Kingdom
Ages 5 – 8
Instructor TBD

June 29 – July 3, 9am – 12pm

In this class we will explore the animal kingdom by making our favorite animal pals out of clay. Students will make a few animals per day on a small scale but will take on a larger project over the course of the week. On the last couple of days, we will paint our animal creations with a colorful palette that brings them to life!

Round and Round
Ages 6 – 10
Halima Flynt

June 29 – July 3, 2 - 5pm

You will learn how to work on the potter’s wheel in this fun-packed creative camp! We will be learning all sorts of hand-building and wheel-throwing skills to create amazing works of art that you can use! Bring all of your creative and interesting ideas and we will turn them into reality.

Advanced Wheel
Ages 8-14
Kelsey Sickmeyer

July 6 – 10, 9am – 12pm

This is the camp for students who have taken at LEAST one camp or class at Odyssey in the last year or two that was focused on the potter’s wheel. Students will be encouraged to develop their throwing skills to create bigger and better vessels on the wheel! We will move faster and have more freedom, so start sketching some ideas now and we will make them come alive!

Claying with Your Food
Ages 6 – 10
Paige Janeri

July 6 – 10, 2 – 5pm

Food is something that everybody needs, deserves, and enjoys! In this week of camp, we will prepare some of our personal favorites in the clay studio. No experience or prior knowledge of clay is necessary to enjoy hand building sculptures that resemble our favorite things to eat. We will literally be playing with our food! Students will have the opportunity to use the wheel to make a bowl or plate to serve their favorite meals. These fun exercises will get us thinking creatively about what we like to eat and get us talking about the importance of balanced nutrition.

Lovely Luminaries
Ages 6 – 10
Amy Briggs

July 13 – 17, 9am – 12pm

Light up your life this week while learning how light and clay work together. During this camp, we will create votives, candleholders, luminaries and lamps you can use at home. Plus, you’ll get a chance to try the potter’s wheel! Shine your brightest light!

Find Your Spirit Animal
Ages 8 – 12
Paige Janeri

July 13 – 17, 2 – 5pm

We can learn a lot from nature when we observe animals in the wild. We can observe their natural characteristics and habits. In this week of camp, we will dig into some clay and explore our spirit animals. No experience or prior knowledge of clay is necessary to enjoy creating hand-built sculptures and wheel thrown vessels that resemble our favorite animals.

Here We Throw!
Ages 5 – 8
Kelsey Sickmeyer

July 20 – 24, 9am – 12pm

Wheel 101- Come dressed to make a mess!
We are going to go learn how to use a pottery wheel to make cups, bowls, vases and plates! Students will learn different ways to decorate these vessels, and once finished, they will be food safe treasures for the whole family!

Fantastical Sculptures
Ages 5 – 8
Kristen Easters

July 20 – 24, 2 – 5 pm

In this class, we will explore the depths of your imagination and create fantastical creatures from fairy tales, myths, and legends. Fairies, dragons, mermaids, elves and gnomes will all make an appearance in the studio this week. If you can dream it up, you can make it come to life in clay!

Dream BIG
Ages 8 – 12
Kelsey Sickmeyer

July 27 – 31, 9am – 12pm

This week we will focus on HANDBUILDING strategies to make BIG pots and sculptures that you actually get to KEEP! We are aiming for 1-2 foot sculptures and vessels. We’ll warm up to proper construction methods on the first day with 1-2 smaller pieces that we will raku on the last day, and then spend the rest of the time focusing on just 2-3 larger pieces- constructing them well so they can survive the firing, while bringing those dreams to life! Come with BIG ideas :)

The Secret Life of Clay Pets
Ages 6 – 10
Sara Ballek

July 27 – 31, 2 – 5pm

Calling all animal lovers! This is the camp for you! In this class, students will create animals out of clay while learning all about the clay studio. We will be focusing on using handbuilding methods to create colorful creatures and habitats! We’ll also use the potter’s wheel to create bowls and plates so you can feed them! Join Sara for this week on the wild side!

Fun, Colorful Clay
Ages 5 – 8
Kristen Easters

August 3 – 7, 9am – 12pm

In this camp, designed for the youngest age group, we’ll create beautiful and functional pottery forms on and off the potter’s wheel. We’ll decorate our masterpieces using colors we love and fire them so that you can use them at home for years to come. Join Kristen for a colorful and fun week in the studio!

Young Potter’s Wheel Camp
Ages 8 – 12
Amy Briggs

August 3 – 7, 2 – 5pm

Ready? Set? Throw! Let’s explore what clay can do! We’ll use the potter’s wheel to make cereal bowls, candlesticks, storage jars and more. Join Amy as she shows you how to spin some amazing creations in the studio!

Handbuilt Habitats
Ages 5 – 8
Halima Flynt

August 10 – 14, 9am - 12pm
Explore your favorite animals and their habitats in this super fun week of clay activities. We’ll learn to draw animals and sculpt them out of clay. Then we’ll make homes for them to live in! We’ll build birds’ nests and fishbowls and so much more! Plus, we’ll even get a chance to use the potter’s wheel!

Onward and Upward!
Ages 10 – 14
Amy Briggs

August 10 – 14, 2 – 5pm

Let’s go big! In this class, we’ll roll slabs, coil, and pinch pots so big they will blow your mind! The sky is the limit in this class, so bring your imagination and we will make your big ideas into reality.

Tuition: $235

$25 discount for a sibling in the same camp. Use discount code claycamp25.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Recap: March Clay Club at Haywood Community College

Thanks to Emily Reason and everyone at Haywood Community College for hosting Clay Club! The big draw was the exhibit HCC Clay in Retrospect, an exhibition featuring the work of 20 ceramic artists from HCC’s 46 years of clay programming. Special thanks to Duffy Baum, member of the very first class of the Professional Crafts program (in Wood), for proposing this Clay Club.

HCC Clay program alumni who came last night included Laurey-Faye Dean, Julia Mann and Trish Salmon. In addition to these alums, Gary Clontz, founder of the HCC clay program, also came. Emily, Gary, Julia, Laurey-Faye and Trish all have work in the exhibit, which I highly recommend going to see in person. The quality and variety of work from this one institution in Western North Carolina is truly impressive.

Emily gave us a tour of the Professional Crafts building, including the ceramics studio. (In the glaze room, Gary told us that the A.R.T. Studio Clay Company labels on the bins and jars date from early in his time – they've held up really well!) The HCC Professional Crafts program is a full-time, two-year program. Ceramics students can focus on the type of work (e.g., production, art, etc.) that they want to. The program includes extensive studio time and classes in craft history, design, business issues and more. This is really a fantastic program and very reasonably priced: in-state tuition is estimated at $2,579 per year (!), not including program fees and materials. Learn more about the Professional Crafts Program here:

There are a couple of events at Haywood planned for April 22nd:

Professional Craft Artist Summit – this is a free program, though registration is requested. More info and registration here:


Closing reception for HCC Clay in Retrospect that same day. The public is invited to a closing reception from 4-6 pm on Wednesday April 22nd, with a Gallery Talk beginning at 4:30.

(Of course these events may be affected by the spread of the coronavirus/COVID-19. HCC has a Coronavirus Information Page which includes updates on the impact of COVID-19 on campus events here:

April Clay Club is planned for Saturday, April 25th at 10 am (note the change from our usual day and time) at The Village Potters in Asheville. This is the Clay Club Coffee Club proposed by Sarah Wells Rolland. A number of demos are planned and I'm super excited about this! Like all of you, we'll be monitoring the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation – fingers crossed we'll be able to hold Clay Club on this date. We'll update as we get closer to the date.

Thanks again to Emily, Duffy, Gary and all of the current students and almuni of the HCC Clay program, and to everyone who came!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Slab roller for sale in Barnardsville, NC

Here are the details from Cynthia Lee:

North Star Slab Roller
24 inch, in great condition
$600 or best offer
Email Cynthia at

NCECA canceled

Sad news. Here's the email from NCECA:


After an exhaustive process of due diligence conversations and staff preparation efforts, we have come to a difficult decision to cancel the 2020 NCECA conference planned for Richmond, Virginia. We know this message is not the one many of you were hoping to receive. For others, it may be the challenging and difficult decision you hoped NCECA might reach. Please know that all of you reading this message are in our thoughts and understand that while reported risk levels for COVID-19 infection may currently be low in the conference region, the unique challenges and responsibilities associated with staging large gatherings at the present time remain immensely complex.

Over the past weeks, NCECA has heard from many of you. Your messages both to stay the course with the 2020 conference and those urging us to cancel have been read, shared, and heeded. Fortunately, and unfortunately, communing in large groups is a huge part of what NCECA has been, is, and will continue to be. Hundreds of you in the Greater Richmond community have been busy planning for years, and we are aware of how disappointing this news must be. NCECA has and will continue to be an organization that values people. Our love and dedication to ceramic art is bound up in relationships, teaching, and learning. When considering all of the factors before us, we felt that the well-being of the people and communities that have led us through 53 extraordinary conferences needed to be paramount in our decision-making.

So, it is with both deep regret and faith in solidarity with all reading and affected by this most unfortunate of announcements that we invite you to read on and learn more about this decision and next steps.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Call for artists for the Foothills Folk Art Festival

Foothills Folk Art Festival
Saturday, October 3rd
Newton, North Carolina

From the Festival website:

The Foothills Folk Art Festival is a juried folk art-themed show. The festival's artist committee is looking for themed artwork intensely influenced by and displaying the spirit of folk, visionary, and outsider art.

Early Registration: The fee is $60 and will apply to any applications postmarked by June 1, 2020.

Standard Registration: The fee will be $85 and will apply to applications that are postmarked by September 1, 2020.

More information and link to application:

Monday, March 9, 2020

Clay Club this Wednesday!

March Clay Club will be this Wednesday, March 11th at Haywood Community College from 5-7 (note the time is different from our usual schedule). Thanks again to Duffy Baum for proposing this Clay Club, and to Emily Reason and everyone at Haywood for hosting us!

Details and directions here:

Carpooling: if you’re interested in carpooling, leave a comment on that same blog post or on this facebook post. You can also let me know and I will put folks in touch.

See you Wednesday!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

March Clay Club at Haywood Community College

March Clay Club will be at Haywood Community College on Wednesday, March 11th from 5-7 (note the time is different from our usual schedule). Thanks to Duffy Baum for proposing this Clay Club, and to Emily Reason and everyone at Haywood for hosting us!

We’ll visit the exhibition of alumni work “HCC Clay in Retrospect” and Emily will give a tour of the facilities and talk about the Professional Crafts program. Duffy (member of the very first class of the Professional Crafts program, in Wood) has invited several HCC Clay alumni to join us, too.

We'll have our usual potluck. Non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. Haywood Community College is an alcohol-free zone, so you're welcome to bring your own beverage, but don't bring anything alcoholic.


From Asheville, NC (East of Campus):
Take I-40 West.
Take exit 27 (Highway 19-23)
Take exit 107 (East Jones Cove Road)
Follow signs to Haywood Community College

Google Maps will get you there from anywhere:

We'll be meeting in the Creative Arts Building; see the campus map below for the location. You will see the kilns in front of you as you come up the hill on campus -- pull in on right by kilns to unload into clay studio. Note closest parking is the lot on the left.

Carpooling: if you’re interested in carpooling, let me know and I will put folks in touch. You can also leave a comment here on this blog post or on this facebook post.

See you next Wednesday!

Monday, March 2, 2020

Matt Repsher Workshop at ETSU March 4

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick reminder that the Ceramics Area ETSU in Johnson City, TN is hosting a demonstration workshop by Matt Repsher this Weds, March 4, from 9:00 - 4:00. Free and open to the public! Please email Lindsay Rogers at for additional information related to the event, parking on campus, etc.

I hope you can join us!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Purple Spotted GlazeTests

Camp Judaea - Ceramics Lead Instructor Wanted

Ceramics Lead Instructor
The Ceramics lead instructor is responsible for the programming that takes place in the
ceramics studio and for building and implementing the curriculum for Ceramics. Projects should
have Judaic or Zionist content and be age appropriate. The Ceramics Lead supervises the
ceramics counselor, making sure he/she is performing duties to full expectations. The Lead
Instructor is responsible for communicating all supply needs to the Program Director and
ensuring that inventory is maintained. When possible, the Ceramics Lead Instructor should be
present at campwide events and activities as another set of eyes for camper supervision and
The responsibilities of the Ceramics Lead Instructor include but are not limited to:
● Planning age appropriate activities for each unit
● Incorporating Judaism and Zionism into your projects, if possible
● Keeping an inventory of supplies
● Executing the budget given by the Camp Director
● Monitoring the distribution and return of all supplies
● Ordering more supplies with the approval of the camp director
● Helping to distribute supplies to the staff for the cabin decorations before each session
● Working with a special day va’ad to create their needed decorations
● Keeping a log of activities, for future years
● Communicating with the merakez if a madrich/a is not participating
● Communicating with the staff any problems with the chanichim
● Attending all camp-wide events (Flagpole, Hatzagot, etc)
● Helping keep the children in order during camp-wide events
● Checking in and covering for their assigned cabin
● Participating in your eda’s tochniot erev (evening activities)
Camp Judaea employees must at all times present him/herself as a
Dugma Ishit (Personal Example) in and outside of Camp Judaea.
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Ability to stoop, kneel, bend, reach, stand, walk, push, pull, lift, work with fingers,
grasp, feel, talk, hear and perform repetitive motions. Ability to perform light work exerting up to 40 pounds of
force occasionally, and/or a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects.
WORK CONDITIONS: Activities occur both inside and outside and employee is subject to both environmental
conditions; however, employee is not substantially exposed to adverse environmental conditions.


Gayle Kaplan
Office Administrator

Workshop Opportunity by Liz Zlot Summerfield

Cream and Sugar Through Soft Slabs
Date & Time: May 23, 2020. 9:00am-4:30pm

Location: Double Island Studio, 2459 Double Island Rd, Green Mountain, NC

Cost: $175

Space limited to 10 participants (minimum of 4)

This workshop intends to demystify working with soft slabs and paper patterns, and offers the essential components to creating unique slab built pots. Participants will learn the basics of slab building through the vein of a cream and sugar set. Demonstrations and hands-on work time will include pattern making and the construction of a handbuilt spout, lid, and flange.

There will be extensive discussion and demonstration on surface treatment using terra sigillata and underglazes. Participants will explore surface through test tiles that may be taken home and fired.  Small batches of tera sigillata will be available for purchase.

The format of this workshop is demonstration and hands-on work time.

Materials Provided: Clay, test tiles, terra sigillata, and underglaze. A small materials list will be emailed prior to the workshop.

Email with questions:

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Glazing Empty Bowls at Penland Saturday!

Hey clay club friends!

This is a reminder that this Saturday we will be glazing all of the empty bowls that so many of us made last week! If you would like to join us please come to the ceramic studio at penland from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. . Come on the earlier side as it may not take the full amount of time to glaze all of the pots. We may just over 200 so way to go everybody! if you have any questions please call me at 585-507-5731. Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

-Tori Motyl

Monday, February 17, 2020

Looking for potter Rachael (Rachel) Jones

Rachel Smith sends this message:

Any body know a potter named Rachael (or Rachel) Jones? Here is a picture from about 15 years ago. If so, let me know... someone came into my studio today because they found my business (pottery by Rachel) on the internet. But I’m not the right person. She was living in Western NC at the time these photos were taken.

Do you know Rachael (Rachel) Jones? Contact Rachel Smith at

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Recap: February Clay Club at Warren Wilson College

Thanks to Leah Leitson and her students for a really wonderful Clay Club at Warren Wilson College!

Leah led a discussion based on several questions that her students proposed. A number of clubbers shared their experience and advice on making a living as a potter/ceramic artist. Leah told us about Warren Wilson College, including the history of the college and the ceramics program in particular. Leah has been teaching at Warren Wilson for 17 years. Under her leadership, students have the opportunity to participate in a ceramics-focused study abroad program at La Meridiana in Italy every other year. She also talked about how students participate in campus work crews and community service in addition to academics – she described it as Penland with academics, and it was easy to see that comparison.

One thing that came up during the discussion was John Britt's collection of videos, including a number of videos of demos by clubbers. Check them out on his youtube channel: (Sarah Wells Rolland's Cut Bowl demo from 2012 – with 98,000+ views! – was mentioned in particular; check that video out here:

Leah also told us about the college's new Critical Craft Studies graduate program. Here's a little about the program from the college's website:

Craft has received an unprecedented level of academic attention during the past two decades. This burst in scholarship, historical study, theoretical investigation, and curatorial attention connects to parallel interest in material, labor, and cultural practices in the visual arts.

The MA in Critical Craft Studies is the first program in the U.S. to focus its curriculum on craft history and theory, and brings together a rotating faculty from multiple disciplines and varied cultural and global locations to broaden understanding of craft as a field of study.

Students will investigate research methods from archives to oral histories, public modes of presenting craft from street fairs to museum exhibitions, forms of writing in the field from exhibition reviews to academic journal articles, and alternative forms of documenting and communicating history, such as podcasts, symposia, online platforms, and curricular development. The program challenges the boundaries of craft and spans media specific work to craft-like contemporary art, folk art to artisanal explorations. Research as an applied practice is the principle that will connect students’ project work in the Swannanoa/Asheville area to that in their own hometowns, offering training in primary and secondary source analysis and experience while studying and shaping a new field.

Learn more about the program at the above link and here:

At the end of the evening, Leah gave us a tour of the facilities, including the studio and kiln pad (where a gas kiln firing was in progress), as well as Holden Art Center where the exhibit “Drawing Discourse” is currently on display. Here's a little about the exhibit from the college's website:

The Elizabeth Holden Gallery at Warren Wilson College is hosting UNC Asheville’s juried international exhibition, Drawing Discourse. The exhibition features 44 works of contemporary drawing selected from among more than 1,000 submissions by more than 300 artists in five nations. The exhibit opens with special events on Jan. 17-18, featuring renowned artists including juror William Beckman.

Also on display in Holden Art Center is the exhibit "Failed: A Senior Showcase" – I've included one photo of a ceramic piece (and artist narrative) from this exhibit but definitely recommend checking out both exhibits if you have the opportunity.

"Drawing Discourse" is on exhibit until February 21st; read more about it here:

March Clay Club will be at Haywood Community College on Wednesday, March 11th from 5-7 pm (note the change from our usual meeting time). We'll have the opportunity to see "HCC Clay in Retrospect" – an exhibition featuring the work of 20 artists from the college’s 46 years of clay programming. (Leah's work is included in this exhibit; click this link to see a photo: Look for more details closer to the date.

Thanks again to Leah and her students, and to everyone who came!

Monday, February 10, 2020

Clay Club this Wednesday! ~with a carpooling update~

February Clay Club will be at Warren Wilson College this Wednesday, February 12th, from 5:30-7:30 pm (note that the time is different from our usual schedule). Thanks again to Leah Leitson and everyone at Warren Wilson for hosting us!

Details and directions here:

Carpooling update: we've got a carpool going from Spruce Pine and Susan Whitington is interested in carpooling from Burnsville. If you’re interested in carpooling from either of these places, let me know. If you're interested in carpooling from anywhere else, you can let me know or leave a comment on that same blog post or on this facebook post.

See you Wednesday!

Friday, February 7, 2020

Matt Repsher Workshop at ETSU

On March 4 Matt Repsher will be giving a one-day demonstration workshop on the campus of East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN. The event is free and open to the public. Mark your calendars!

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Woodfire NC 2020 - EnVision International Woodfire Conference + NC Mountains Pre-Conference

Joey Sheehan shared information about Woodfire NC 2020 - EnVision, happening this May in Star, NC with pre-conference events in the WNC mountains and in Seagrove. Joey especially wanted to encourage registration in the Mountain PreHeat - he says it is a great way to participate in wood firing in several kilns and the price is incredibly low. Learn more about the NC Mountains Pre-Conference here:

Visit the conference website here:

More about the conference and pre-conference events from the eventbrite page:

Woodfire NC 2020 - EnVision is an International Woodfire Conference at STARworks in Star, N.C. It is a collaboration between STARworks, the North Carolina Pottery Center, and the woodfire potters of North Carolina. The conference will be preceded by several firing workshops across the state.

Main Conference: May 28 - 31

The main conference includes a series of interviewers, panelists, lecturers and demonstrations that will explore all aspects of wood firing, beginning with a lively discussion of "Why Woodfire." An examination of the role clay has in the woodfire practice and other topics, including community, sculpture, glaze, kiln design and marketing will follow. Plenary lectures and keynote addresses from some of the field's most noted thinkers, as well as simultaneous demonstrations featuring sculptors and functional pottery makers will be interspersed throughout the proceedings. There will be an opening reception at the NC Pottery Center, May 28, 5pm.

NC Mountains Pre-Conference: May 21 - 27

Seven days filled with firings, exhibitions, demonstrations, studio tours, feasts, parties, music and the tango, featuring guest artists Neill Hoffmann, Henry Crissman and James Kasper. Participants will experience an array of different firing styles and see their own work fired with a variety of unique effects. Five kilns, each with a distinct style, will be fired at two kiln sites, featuring firings with Josh Copus and Joey Sheehan. The Penland Tour includes Michael Hunt, Naomi Dalglish, Courtney Martin and Shane Mickey. The Kiln South Tour includes David Vorhees, Dan Magie and Andrew Stephenson.

Seagrove Pre-Conference: May 23 - 27

Five days of exhibitions, pottery tours, wood kiln firings, special evening events and opportunities to participate in firing shifts, featuring guest artists Ken Matsuzaki, Randy Johnston, Chris Gustin, John Neely and Jari Vesterinen. Participants will have the opportunity to contribute pots to three of sx kilns being fired, including firings with Ben Owen III, Anne Pärtna, Fred Johnston, Michael and Levi Mahan, Sid and Matt Luck, and Takuro and Hitomi Shibata. Participants are welcome to visit all firings, but will only be allowed to put pots in three firings unless otherwise notified.

For more information, visit For questions, email or call (910) 428-9001.

February Clay Club at Warren Wilson College: all the details edition!

February Clay Club will be at Warren Wilson College on Wednesday, February 12th from 5:30-7:30 pm (note that the time is different from our usual schedule). Thanks to Leah Leitson and everyone at Warren Wilson for hosting us!

Leah will give us a tour of the facilities and an overview of the program at Warren Wilson and we'll have a discussion with Leah's students. Some questions to think about to get the discussion started:

• How did you get started as a potter/ceramic artist?
• What do you do that makes your work unique to you?
• If you make a living at being a potter/ceramic artist, what is that like?
• What advice would you give to someone interested in making a living at it?

Leah will also set up a wheel for a demo for anyone interested in giving one.

We’ll have our usual potluck, so bring food to share. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed, so please bring drink to share, just nothing alcoholic.

Directions from Leah:

• Take exit 55 off of I 40, turn left and then turn rt. onto highway 70.
• At the stoplight, Shell gas station is on left at the light, turn left onto Warren Wilson Rd.
• Pass Silo on right and then count four driveways on the right, including the first one which is the service drive.
• Turn Rt. into the 4th driveway, just past Kitteridge Theatre, cinderblock bldg. on Right.
• The ceramic studio is the middle bldg. of three, called 3D Studio.
• Feel free to stop anyone to ask where the 3D Studio- Ceramics is.
• I will have my cell phone on just in case anyone is lost, 828-230-7676

Carpooling: Claudia Green, John Britt and I are planning on carpooling from Mitchell County – let us know if you want to join us. If you’re interested in carpooling from anywhere else, leave a comment here on this blog post or on this facebook post. You can also let me know and I will put folks in touch.

See you next Wednesday!

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

"Don’t Know, We’ll See: The Work of Karen Karnes" film screening at BMCM+AC on February 6th

Don’t Know, We’ll See: The Work of Karen Karnes – Film Screening

Thursday, February 6th, 7pm
Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center
120 College Street in downtown Asheville

This documentary by award-winning filmmaker Lucy Massie Phenix is an intimate study of the work and life of master clay artist, Karen Karnes. It takes the viewer into her creative process, into the evolution of a single sculptural piece, and into Karnes’ body of work of over 60 years.

FREE for BMCM+AC members + students w/ID / $8 non-members

Facebook event page:

Friday, January 31, 2020

Asheville Art Museum receives funding to conserve and digitize their Black Mountain College Collection

The Asheville Art Museum has received funding to create the Digital Black Mountain College Collection and Interconnective Timeline that will be freely accessible. Here are the details from AVL Today:

The funds, awarded by the Council on Library and Information Resources, a national nonprofit that works with libraries + institutions to improve resources and access to information, will help the museum create the archive over 24 months. That timeline will –

• Include hundreds of items, like archival documents, artworks, literature, pieces of furniture + more, that have never been seen before by the public
• Feature high-quality, detailed photography of the items in the museum’s collection
• Be all digital – created for scholars, students + the general public
• Be open + free – and accessible around the world

And here's the press release from the Museum:

Asheville Art Museum Receives Prestigious “Save America’s Treasures” Grant

We are thrilled to announce that the Asheville Art Museum has been awarded a Save America’s Treasures grant by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through its partnership with the National Park Service, the National Endowment of the Humanities, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

The award of $196,935 will be used to support the conservation of the Museum’s Black Mountain College Collection. This nationally and internationally significant Collection features historical materials and creative works by students and teachers who attended Black Mountain College (BMC) during its operation from 1933 to 1957.

“Through these competitive matching grants, the National Park Service and our federal, state, tribal, local government, and nonprofit partners are helping communities preserve some of our nation’s most important historic places and collections,” said National Park Service Deputy Director P. Daniel Smith. “By doing so we are saving these sites and stories for future generations.”

BMC opened its doors during a politically and economically volatile time in American and European history and became one of the most noteworthy experiments in the history of American art and education. BMC attracted some of the most influential artists of the 20th century including Josef and Anni Albers, Willem and Elaine de Kooning, Robert Rauschenberg, Ruth Asawa, Cy Twombly, Buckminster Fuller, and many more.

The Museum’s goals for this project include:

1) Restoring the physical integrity of endangered BMC materials through conservation

2) Stabilizing and preserve the BMC Collection for future exhibitions and research

3) Increasing public understanding and accessibility through digitization and exhibitions

(image from Wikimedia Commons)

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Save the date! February Clay Club at Warren Wilson College

February Clay Club will be at Warren Wilson College on Wednesday, February 12th from 5:30-7:30 pm (note that the time is different from our usual schedule). Thanks to Leah Leitson for hosting us!

We'll share all the details next week but wanted to let you know this info so you can save the date and plan on joining us.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

East Fork Pottery's Black Friday mistake

Business of Home highlighted East Fork Pottery's short-lived but costly Black Friday discount code error:

East Fork had tested their process extensively in the days running up to the sale. But the prior evening, late at night, an employee had made a mistake. It was a tiny piece of code, buried deep in the system, but it caused the discount to be applied twice instead of once. “It was an immediate catch,” says Matisse. “They found the problem and took it out. But by that time the damage was done.”

The mistake had been live for roughly four minutes. It affected 2,000 orders, and cost East Fork over $66,000. Four minutes after the double discount was fixed, the sale was over.

The story has a heartwarming ending - read the full Business of Home article here:

WLOS covered the story, too:

(image from the East Fork Pottery Instagram account)

Monday, January 27, 2020

Bowls wanted for Feeding Avery Familes Empty Bowls

Handcrafted bowls are the heart and soul of Empty Bowls, raising funds to provide food for people whose bowls might otherwise be empty. In 2019, the generosity and creativity of potters helped raise over $16,000 to purchase food for distribution by the 501(c)3 nonprofit Feeding Avery Families. Unique handmade pottery bowls were created and donated by potters from Avery, Watauga, Ashe, Mitchell and Yancey counties, as well as by artists & craftspeople from as far away as Washington, DC and Melbourne, FL.

Empty Bowls is the largest funding drive for Feeding Avery Families, with all proceeds going directly to provide food through this non-profit organization. In 2019 Feeding Avery Families gave out 506,000 pounds of food to over 1,300 Avery County individuals each month. Client Choice was successfully implemented, the Backpack Program serves 145 students each week, and Community Food Pantries have been established near 5 Avery County schools.

We are looking for generous potters to help us continue our efforts to stop hunger in Avery County in 2020. Empty Bowls for Feeding Avery Families will be held Saturday, August 22 at the Linville Land Harbor Recreation Center from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Of course, we will pick up bowls at your convenience. We will acknowledge your generous support by displaying your flyers or cards with the bowls. Names of all donating potters will be listed on a large sign at the Empty Bowls event and on the Feeding Avery Families Facebook page.

This year, we will not be holding a Silent Auction as we have in past years. We are deeply grateful for your generosity in donating bowls to support Empty Bowls for Feeding Avery Families.

Please contact:

Lynda Healy Rejkowski, Email: or Phone: (828) 773-0726

or Patti Connor-Greene, Email:

Sunday, January 26, 2020

STAR White cone 6 clay for sale – limited time offer!

Tricia Cutler is at Penland for one more week and is interested in selling her STAR White cone 6 clay. Here are the details from Tricia:

I’m a resident artist here for another week and I’m interested in selling my clay that I picked up on my way here.

It’s star white fine cone 6 and looks beautiful in electric oxidation and soda/salt fired kilns.

I would like to sell 450lbs at .45cents a lb in total $202 roughly. If you know anyone that uses this clay please let me know! Would be happy to deliver or meet up in some way.

The reason I’m selling is because I fell in love with another clay. I need to buy that and bring it home and don’t have enough room in my car for both clays!

My only problem with phone calls and contact is that I do not have service on my phone. I’m having big issues that can’t be revolved until I leave Penland. So iPhone messages and FaceTime is my way of contact. (252-216-7580) Also, Facebook and Instagram I have access to, and email ( as well.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Opening Reception for "Question Everything! The Women of Black Mountain College" at BMCM+AC on January 24th

Question Everything! The Women of Black Mountain College
Curated by Kate Averett and Alice Sebrell
January 24 – April 25, 2020
Opening Reception Friday, January 24th at 5:30pm
Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center
120 College Street in downtown Asheville

This exhibition will celebrate the work and impact of the women associated with Black Mountain College, featuring borrowed works alongside pieces from the BMCM+AC collection by a wide-ranging group of artists including Anni Albers, Suzi Gablik, Ruth Asawa, Jo Sandman, M.C. Richards, and Hazel Larsen Archer. BMC was a place where women could explore their identities as artists and individuals; a space where women were expected to question things, to think critically and to explore their own self determinacy. Through artworks, personal accounts and archival film and photographs, Question Everything! details how this new generation went forward with a strong sense of what it meant to be a woman in the 20th century, forging new paths for themselves and those who followed in their footsteps.


More from the Mountain Xpress:

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

HCC Clay in Retrospect Ceramic Art Exhibition at Haywood Community College

Haywood Community College announces HCC Clay in Retrospect- an exhibition featuring the work of 20 ceramic artists from HCC’s 46 years of clay programming. These artists represent the rich history of craftspeople who have studied ceramics at HCC. Gary Clontz founded the college’s clay program in 1974 and together with his colleagues, expanded the program now known as Professional Crafts, to include areas of study in Fiber, Jewelry and Wood. Now in its 44th year, Haywood Community College’s Professional Crafts Program is the only one of its kind in the country.

“The individuality in the work of these artists is a testament to the [Professional Crafts Clay] program. No two artists’ work are alike,” says Gary Clontz of the artwork in HCC Clay in Retrospect. Emily Reason is the current Clay Instructor and adds: “These artists are demonstrating the lasting impact education can have and creative diversity that can be expressed through the ceramic medium. The devotion and passion these artists have for their craft is what we strive to instill in our students. ”

Platter by Leah Leitson, Class of 1980

HCC Clay in Retrospect runs now through April 22, 2020 and is located on the 2nd floor of the Creative Arts Building on the HCC campus (185 Freedlander Drive, Clyde NC, 28721).  The public is invited to a closing reception Wednesday April 22, 4-6pm with a Gallery Talk beginning at 4:30.
For more information, contact Emily Reason by phone at 828-627-4671 or by email at

Monday, January 20, 2020

Applications Open for NCCAF 2020

Applications open for the North Carolina Ceramic Arts Festival now through March 31st. Email with questions and visit to learn more at

WNC potter looking to buy used pottery wheels

Here are the details from Kim Dryden:

I'm looking to buy 1-2 used pottery wheels. I'm looking for professional pottery wheels with at least 1/2 hp motor. I'm willing to travel 150 mi from Asheville, NC. If you are have anything available, please email me at Thanks!

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Regular and late application deadlines coming up for the Cowee Valley Pottery Festival

Cowee Valley Pottery Festival
May 22-23, 2020
Franklin, North Carolina

Application deadline: January 31, 2020
Late application deadline: February 15, 2020 (additional fee)
Link to application:

About the Cowee Valley Pottery Festival:

We have created an exciting three day event in the rural, mountainous Franklin, North Carolina area.

Cowee Valley Pottery Festival: Sharing our beautiful venue with prominent potters from near and far and with pottery lovers. Celebrating ceramic arts of today and honoring our past.

The Cowee Pottery School is located in the historic Cowee School Arts & Heritage Center. We are a non-profit, volunteer driven organization. We teach classes, do community outreach through local organizations, and strive to educate all about the importance of heritage arts.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Photo tent for sale in Bakersville


Terry Gess is selling this photo tent:

FOR SALE — Large Photo Tent
Perfect condition
Retails for $140+
Sell for $48.00

4 foot Lastolite Cubelite

    Easily collapses flat
    Reflection control
    Features a unique base diffusion system
    Ideal for pottery product shots

The Cubelite allows the photographer to control the lighting of products, minimizing shadows and isolating the subject from the background. It's never been easier to take quick and crisp product shots on location or in the studio. Simply set up the Cubelite, place lights on the outside and you're good to go.

Contact Terry at or 828-467-0166.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Exhibition Opportunity Call To Artists

Call for Artists
Gallery 101
Monthly Exhibition Opportunity

Local Artists,

Thank you for your interest in being an exhibitor for Gallery 101's new rotating monthly exhibition space. Each month Gallery 101 will host 1-2 artists in the upstairs gallery at its 56 S Lexington Ave Unit 101 location in downtown Asheville. Together you the artist and we the gallery will work to make your exhibition a success.

The following is a breakdown of responsibilities for your exhibition:

Responsibilities of Gallery 101:

  • Writing and distribution of press releases and inclusion on 3rd party online calendars
  • Designing, printing, and distribution of posters and postcards in collaboration with the artist
  • Social Media promotion
  • Planning an opening and/or closing reception including providing food, drinks, and tableware
  • Providing display materials such as pedestals and shelves
  • Printing and hanging print material such as show and artist statements
  • Providing price tags for continuity in the show
  • Providing a check for sales to the artist within 7 days of the event closing

Responsibilities of the artist:

  • Provide images of your work 30 days before the opening of your exhibition. Gallery 101 will then design posters and postcards to your specifications. The artist is responsible for covering the cost of these materials and has discretion on quantities and budget. Both the artist and Gallery 101 will distribute materials to their respective contact lists.
  • Promotion of the exhibition on social media if the artist utilizes it as well as any other avenues the artist traditionally uses for self promotion
  • The option to provide additional display materials especially if they may be specific to the work and enhance the exhibition display

Financial Responsibility to the artist:

  • Deciding and providing the budget for posters and post cards to be used for promotion of the show and distributed by both the gallery and the artist
  • The artist receives 70% of sales and the gallery receives 30% of sales

If you are interested in working together please contact us to set up a time to come and view the gallery and discuss any questions you may have. If you are ready to jump in, send the following information to the email below:

  • 5 images of your individual work
  • 3-5 images of your work in a gallery setting if available
  • Artist Statement and/or Artist Bio

Thank you
Jun Seo
Tori Motyl
Gallery 101
Phone : (585)507-5731
Email :