Monday, September 6, 2010

Seeking Guesstimates

If I want to start saving to build a small (6 cubic feet) salt fire gas kiln, what would be my $$$ goal? 


June Perry said...

Depends on bricks you're using, the actual size of the kiln, burners if any, kiln shed, shelving, etc.

Decide on size, bricks and burners you want and from there you can estimate the bricks you'll need. The kiln books that are available will give you a good idea of what you'll have to do for the foundation, the amount of bricks you might expect to need for your project, piping requirements for the type of gas you might be using, etc. etc.

In the Rhodes book there's a nice plan for a small (around 20 cu ft) downdraft. I used that plan for my first gas kiln and it was a great, even firing kiln. Using all hard brick and maintaining the bricks well would give you a long salt lasting kiln.

William Baker said...

Hey Nelle,

June brings up a lot of the many questions to consider. With so many factors it is hard to give an estimate without actually designing the kiln on paper.

There is also a plan for a little "test" kiln in Phil Rogers book Salt Glazing--using that plan I would say you're looking at around 2000 for the bricks, and the blocks and maybe the burners. That does not account for the metal, the slab and roof, and the labor for someone to build it. That also does not mean that one is the right design for you?

Don't know if the word is out yet down there in A'ville but it looks like I'll be rebuilding the soda kiln at Odyssey this October,and then teaching a class starting in late October that will use the new kiln and talk a bit about building kilns, etc. Sounds like fun, eh?

We can talk more sometime if you would like.


Emily Reason said...

for the trouble & expense, i'd go a little bigger.
Didn't Henry Pope post burners for sale recently?
If you want to build someday, work on a plan so you know what kind of material to keep an eye out for when good deals come along, like Henry's burners, or bricks that are seconds.

Oy Clay !!! Pottery said...

@ Will: Thanks. I will definitely be taking that class. I have been thinking of changing everything to ^6 oxidation, but I don't think I am ready to give up the fire.

@ Emily: I thought about those burners, but have to set up the studio first and need to save up for kiln parts. But great suggestion, thanks.