Monday, July 18, 2011

Aluminum Foil Saggar Fire Workshop

Aluminum Foil Saggar Fire 
Instructor: Edge Barnes
August 20 & 21
9:00am-4:00pm, Saturday & Sunday

Explore the alternative firing method of firing burnished pieces by wrapping them in aluminum foil rather than ceramic saggars.  Demonstrations and discussions will include:  throwing; trimming and burnishing; horse-hair firing; various saggar firing techniques from pit-fires to kilns; clay choices for burnishing and thermal shock resistance; post-firing cleanup and enhancement; and materials for decorating/marking work. Participants may bring pieces to decorate and fire in either a bon-fire or a primitive kiln (method is as yet to be determined).  Participants may also bring organic materials to add to the saggar, however all firing materials will be provided.  
Pieces for firing can be any clay from low-fire to porcelain, although smooth white clays give better color response in addition to smoother surface.  Please limit pieces in size to small to medium with no fragile appendages.  It's better to leave those and  large flat pieces for firing on your own or in smaller groups.
Recommended items to bring in additon to pots include apron, work gloves, folding chair, natural fiber clothing. 
Tuition: $100 (plus $15 materials fee, payable to instructor)
Click Here for a Registration Form
Pre-Register by August 5th.
Email, Mail or Fax your Registration Form with payment or call Pocosin Arts at 252-796-2787 to register by phone.
Fax: 252-796-1685


Barbara Rogers said...

cool pic...too bad workshop was in April, wherever it was. Did you go? :)

Dennis Allen said...

I did some sleuthing.

Workshop is in August.

John Britt said...


Thanks for sleuthing- I just post 'em I don't always read them especially Monday morning!

Appreciate the help!

Barbara Rogers said...

I even found out where this is being held in AUG...(at least on the application form it says...)
201 Main Street ~ PO Box 690 ~ Columbia, NC 27925
So you don't have to read on Mon. mornings, John. Thanks for the interesting things you post!

John Britt said...

Thanks Barbara,

Being in the AARP - everyday is a new and interesting day! Sometimes two interesting days.