Friday, May 10, 2013

Apprenticeship Needed or Ceramics related Job!!!


I am one year out of Mass College of Art where I studied ceramics.

I am looking for an apprenticeship or job that will teach me more about the craft of pottery as well as the practicality of running a studio.

I have experience mixing clay and glazes as well as firing wood and gas kilns.

I live on Cape Cod right now but am willing to move for the right opportunity.

If interested check out my website and/or contact me at

Thank you!


Bruce said...

Opportunity in Philly:

Anonymous said...

I tried every which way I could to get some kind of apprenticeship or further ceramic experience after I graduated, with no luck.

Finally I just started calling potters in the town I wanted to live in, and asked if they needed help. One of them did, and I've been working for him for the past year and loving it. I do all the things he doesn't want to - loading kilns, mixing glaze, etc etc. I've learned so much and now the work I'm doing for him is featured alongside his own pieces.

Good luck and start contacting people!