Friday, February 7, 2014

Feedback wanted on a proposed "Craft Identity Statement"

NCECA is asking for feedback on a proposed Craft Identity Statement that came out of a ​​think tank led by the American Crafts Council along with the Center for Craft, Creativity & Design and crafthaus. From the NCECA blog post:

"[The think tank's] purpose was to examine to what extent the word “craft” still had resonance and meaning in contemporary culture as a good descriptor of the creative work produced in studios today. In our cohort, we examined how and whether the meaning of “craft” carries understandings to larger audiences in the broader culture.

"We wondered whether the application of “craft” to everything from galleries and museums, to church sales, lawn care, cuisine and beer is making the “C-word” confusing for the outside world. We also discussed whether working together across a range of media interests to establish effective, shared language about craft can make an impact on communications to engage broader audiences."

Read the rest of the blog post and follow the link there to complete the survey. Despite the mention of "clayworld," they're looking for feedback from anyone, not just NCECA members or ceramics people, so spread the word.


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