Friday, December 11, 2015

North Carolina Pottery Center Survey of NC Potters/Ceramic Artists

The North Carolina Pottery Center is conducting a survey of North Carolina Potters. You may have received an email with a link to the survey, but if not, you can contact the center and they will send you one. (Links are one-time use only.) Here's the announcement from the NC Pottery Center Facebook page:

Notice for NC Potters/Ceramic Artists:

The North Carolina Pottery Center is conducting a "Survey of NC Potters/Ceramic Artists." We sent this survey out via SurveyMonkey on Tuesday, December 1st, to every person who is identified as a North Carolina potter or ceramic artist in our database *AND* for whom we had an email address.
The survey is anonymous and broken down into two sections: 1) Basic Demographic Information, and 2) Questions relating specifically to the North Carolina Pottery Center.

We are collecting basic demographic information so that we may have a clearer overall picture of the make-up of our state's Potters/Ceramic Artists. Such information may help us better fulfill our mission and could potentially be useful for grant-writing purposes.

Your answers to the questions relating specifically to the North Carolina Pottery Center will provide us with feedback on how well the Center is doing at fulfilling its mission and give us insight and input into how the Center may be able to improve the services it provides to Potters/Ceramic Artists as well as Visitors.

If you are a NC Potter/Ceramic Artist and have not yet received this email/survey, it doesn't mean we don't like you! It means:

1. You may need to check your Spam/Social/Promotions folders to make sure the survey didn't end up there.
2. Your email address, and perhaps other contact information, may not be in our database.

We do want feedback from as many of the state's potters/ceramic artists as possible, so if you haven't yet received the survey and wish to participate, please contact us at the center ( or 336-873-8430), so that we may get any necessary additional email addresses added to our database and also have SurveyMonkey send out additional anonymous surveys.

All survey responses must be received by midnight on Thursday, December 31, 2015.

The North Carolina Pottery Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and our mission is to promote public awareness and appreciation of the history, heritage, and ongoing tradition of pottery making in North Carolina through permanent and temporary exhibitions, educational programs, public services, collection and preservation, and research and documentation.

We hope that as many NC potters and ceramic artists as possible will take the opportunity to take this survey and provide us with useful and thoughtful feedback.

Lindsey Lambert
Executive Director


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