Thursday, March 3, 2016

More on Crimson Laurel Gallery and Appalachian Terroir news

Yesterday I shared the news that Crimson Laurel Gallery is moving from Bakersville to Micaville. WTOE has a short story on the news. (A little background: Bakersville is in Mitchell County and Micaville is in neighboring Yancey County. WTOE and WKYK are radio stations serving Mitchell and Yancey counties and their joint website shares news about both counties.) The headline is "New Jobs Coming to Micaville" and, unlike the Mitchell News-Journal I shared yesterday, it doesn't mention the effect of the loss of Crimson Laurel Gallery on the small town of Bakersville. The WTOE news story includes a few photos, including the two above.

Read the WTOE story here:

Also - has the following job listings for Appalachian Terroir:

Slip Casting
Pack & Ship
Green Ware Cleaner
Mold Maker, Ceramics
Press Operator
Sales Coordinator

See the job listings here:

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