Thursday, June 8, 2017

Gas car kiln for sale in Seagrove, North Carolina


Here are the details from Beth Gore & John Mellage of Cady Clay Works:

ALMOST-NEW 40 CU FT SOFTBRICK GAS CAR KILN, dismantled and in storage

Dual Ransom B-4 burners with pilot burners.

17- 12 x 24 1/2" silicon carbide kiln shelves

$6000 obo

Here's the story: An adult beginning pottery student in the Hendersonville area had her retired (meticulous!) husband build her this kiln. She fired it once with the help of her instructor who retired soon after. Apparently the kiln intimidated her and she never fired it again. Time passed and finally her husband put it up for sale as he wanted to use the kiln shed for his own projects. John and I rented a UHaul and spent a weekend taking it apart angle iron by angle iron, brick by brick (boxed up) 3 years ago. We were going to rebuild it on our property the following spring. Hah. Instead, John had to have bilateral hernia surgery that spring which took way longer recovery time than we had anticipated, the following spring I had to have sinus surgery which took way longer recovery time than expected, and this spring we are both having new adventures in arthritis.... So we have decided it is time to be retiring, not starting a new pottery-making phase! (We have electric and wood kilns now.)

This kiln is in our garage, boxed up, easy access. We have the original brick-by-brick plan drawings and a bazillion photos of the dismantling.

We also have 4 custom-sawn, massive aromatic cedar beams (that were going to be our gorgeous kiln shed) for sale. 2 are 8 x 8 x 17', 2 are 8 x 8 x 19'.

910 464 5661 rings at both the shop and the house. We will be closed June 17 thru August 23.


Beth Gore & John Mellage

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