Monday, October 2, 2017

Kiln for sale in Weaverville, North Carolina

Here are the details from Duffy Baum:

For Sale Skutt Kiln 1018 $900 great condition, new elements, new relays, new feeder wires, new harness wires, newly replaced bricks, 1p, 240v, stand included, 2 1/2" brick, environvent included, Cone 10, 4.6 cu ft, at least 10 years old. This puppy fits in the back of my Prius. The Skutt KM-1018 is an ideal kiln for smaller studios or individuals who will never need to fire objects over 18" high. This kiln gives you nearly five cubic feet of capacity in a low, wide firing chamber, which is what makes it so easy to load -- the KM-1018 fits about 26 bowls that are 6 inches in diameter and 3 inches high. Whether the task is delicate porcelain or heavy stoneware, the Cone 10 capable KM-1018 can do it all. Email for info:

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