Friday, March 9, 2018

"Keep Asheville Creative" Arts Market Survey

The Center for Craft and Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce have are conducting a survey to “quantify affordable housing and space options for Asheville’s artists, makers, performers and creatives. The Arts Market Survey, with a tagline of 'Keep Asheville Creative,' is the next step to addressing community need as part of a bigger project to develop live/work, mixed-use-model development for the creative sector in Asheville.”

FAQ from the survey website:

What are we doing?

We are working to create affordable artist housing and work space solutions in Asheville and we need your help!

Why do you need me?

Your voice is critical in helping us quantify the demand for space and prioritizing the types of spaces, features and amenities that will be considered for the project. Other local development efforts may also be inspired by the survey results.

How can I help?

TAKE THE SURVEY AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS! (Download media kit here) Click the survey link(s) above to take the survey(s) that pertains to you. Each survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and may be taken at separate times. Both are best viewed on a computer, laptop, or other device with a large screen. At the end of each survey, please click on the "Submit" button to ensure that your responses have been recorded. We greatly value your time and perspective!

Should I take both surveys?

No, if your circumstance is fully reflected in one of the survey descriptions. Yes, if you have different individual and business/organizational space needs.

Who is involved?

The Center for Craft and the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce are working in partnership with dozens of local arts and creative organizations, The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, City of Asheville, UNC Asheville, and Artspace, a national nonprofit leader in developing affordable space solutions for artists and creatives. Please join us!

What’s the idea?

To create permanently affordable artist housing and studio/work space in a mixed-use arts development. The project could include space for creative sector organizations and businesses. For additional information and background, please read these FAQ questions or click HERE to view the preliminary feasibility report that Artspace published in August 2017.

Who is funding this?

The Arts Market Survey has been generously funded by: The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, City of Asheville, Center for Craft, Ted and Senator Terry Van Duyn, Duke Energy Foundation, HomeTrust Bank, Dana and Jana Stonestreet, Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, and Diamond Brand Gear.

Learn more and take the survey by March 26th at

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