Wednesday, December 5, 2018

"Reinventing the Classics - Modern Functional Ceramics Based on Historic Styles” at In Tandem Gallery

We're celebrating the end of the season with 3 of my favorite ceramicists!!  We titled this group show "Reinventing the Classics - Modern Functional Ceramics Based on Historic Styles”.  
Not the shortest heading but so apropos.     

Melanie Sherman's work is super (and I mean SUPER) decorated in the Rococo style where more is definitely more; gold bling, patterns, delicate paintings... all on every square inch.  It's like a sugar rush for the eyes.  

Mike Stumbras is more subdued; elegant but more subtle.  His is much more Baroque in nature with flourishes on the handle and raised embellishments on the body. The work really has that sense of elegance and grandeur - and, it's all high fired with soda added to create that aged and atmospheric look.  Lovin it!

Blair Clemo is for you more modern Art Deco appreciators! He's super geometric in both form and decoration yet he also has this undulating clay that gives his work a soft but noticeable texture that disrupts the patterning adding another layer to visual drama. Super classy and fun. 

 It is such a great show and we're thrilled to have them at the gallery, plus having the 'historic styles' unite them really has made it great to see together.  So, if you do get a chance; stop by the gallery and tell us what you think; and if you can't, doing the online perusing is good too.   
And Happy Holidays to you all!!!

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