Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Camp Judaea - Ceramics Lead Instructor Wanted

Ceramics Lead Instructor
The Ceramics lead instructor is responsible for the programming that takes place in the
ceramics studio and for building and implementing the curriculum for Ceramics. Projects should
have Judaic or Zionist content and be age appropriate. The Ceramics Lead supervises the
ceramics counselor, making sure he/she is performing duties to full expectations. The Lead
Instructor is responsible for communicating all supply needs to the Program Director and
ensuring that inventory is maintained. When possible, the Ceramics Lead Instructor should be
present at campwide events and activities as another set of eyes for camper supervision and
The responsibilities of the Ceramics Lead Instructor include but are not limited to:
● Planning age appropriate activities for each unit
● Incorporating Judaism and Zionism into your projects, if possible
● Keeping an inventory of supplies
● Executing the budget given by the Camp Director
● Monitoring the distribution and return of all supplies
● Ordering more supplies with the approval of the camp director
● Helping to distribute supplies to the staff for the cabin decorations before each session
● Working with a special day va’ad to create their needed decorations
● Keeping a log of activities, for future years
● Communicating with the merakez if a madrich/a is not participating
● Communicating with the staff any problems with the chanichim
● Attending all camp-wide events (Flagpole, Hatzagot, etc)
● Helping keep the children in order during camp-wide events
● Checking in and covering for their assigned cabin
● Participating in your eda’s tochniot erev (evening activities)
Camp Judaea employees must at all times present him/herself as a
Dugma Ishit (Personal Example) in and outside of Camp Judaea.
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Ability to stoop, kneel, bend, reach, stand, walk, push, pull, lift, work with fingers,
grasp, feel, talk, hear and perform repetitive motions. Ability to perform light work exerting up to 40 pounds of
force occasionally, and/or a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects.
WORK CONDITIONS: Activities occur both inside and outside and employee is subject to both environmental
conditions; however, employee is not substantially exposed to adverse environmental conditions.


Gayle Kaplan
Office Administrator

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