Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Large gas kiln for sale in Franklinton, NC

Here are the details from Leslie Martin:

The interior is 35 cubic feet. 47” in height from the floor to the bottom of the arch. The interior front to back and side to side are 34” X 34”. It’s a downdraft and the exit flue is 4.5” X 9” placed vertically. I use a 20” tall bag wall. I place the first shelf about 7” from the floor. The door is a soft brick stack door that needs to be redone. I bought it in July 2003 from Sure fire mfg. high fire kilns and paid $6000. Kiln is on skids and can be moved with a "roll back" tow truck. Chimney needs to be taken down and bricks are included if they are wanted. Will help with dismantling chimney but cost does not include moving.

The hot face lining is 2600* insulation fire brick, 4.5” thick. The sub-lining is 1900* block insulation , 2” thick.

The hearth is high duty firebrick. It is encased in metal and is on a metal skid for transport. The weight is 4000 to 5000 pounds. The kiln has a cone 10 (2381*) max capacity.

It’s fired with 4 raku burners.

I have fired it 90 times. The kiln reduces very well.

I’m asking $4000 and that includes an Axner oxy probe (paid $800 new) and about 13 advancer (lightweight) kiln shelves (paid $2000 new).

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