Thursday, July 31, 2008

New POTRs ?

Yes it's true. You can expect to see a couple more of the familiar red and white signs around the greater Bakersville area. The Potters of the Roan family welcomes Michael Kline and Jenny Lou Sherburne into the fold.

Initiation ceremonies were held at "The Deck" at Shane Mickey's. Festivities included a Meet 'n Greet. Although as you can see it would have been better described as a Eat'n Meat 'n Greet.
Welcome guys!


Michael Kline said...

maybe we should commandeer that sign?

The Baby's Daddy said...

That looks like pretty nice grill for a potter.

When I think of potters, particularly potters in the mountains of NC, I picture something more like the opening from "2001".

I know Britt is very proud of his loin cloth collection.