Thursday, January 20, 2011

Clay Club Ideas for 2011

Had a great Clay Club at Elizabeth's. Want to thank her for letting us invade and thank Doc, Kari and Patty for demoing. ( I will post the videos later.)

Here is a list we came up with for stuff to do this year:

Ideas for 2011 Clay Club
  • Name tags
  • Photos contest for the blog of the messiest studio
  •  Share one glaze recipe and have everyone fire it on a pot and then bring it for Clay Club.
  • Tour of Unimin (contact Elizabeth Westveer)
  •  Mug Making Party at Penland (March)
  • Alex Matisse Studio/kiln ((February)
  • Empty Bowls (John Hartom)
  • Tea Pot Party –everyone brings parts of the same claybody and assemble and fire
  • Marketing Meeting Lecture –email/blog/Facebook/Etsy/Twitter/etc. New media
  • Clay Olympics (Odyssey) bring own clay and coil build fastest, have teams, throwing, make the best kiln god, etc.
  •   Kiln maintenance night
  • Glaze exchange – bring tiles and swap recipes or combinations of glazes
  • Orton cone box type contest   
  • Doc Welty Studio (fall)
  •  Crimson Laurel
  • Energy Xchange
  • Apply for Trac Group Show 2012 -Deadline March 15, 2011
  • Karoke!


Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

2011 is going to be a great year!

Carolanne said...

Wannnh! I wanna join! Think the commute from MD would be too long?

John Britt said...

Carolanne, No it would be ok just bring your new soda kiln.

nick friedman said...

I'm determined to make a meeting this year. One suggestion: I'd like to demonstrate how to make elements from bulk wire. That's been a big money saver for me over the years.

Crone said...

The Clay Studio at Black Mountain Center for the Arts would love to host a Clay Club still. We have a friendly group of ceramic artists and potters and students who would love to have a party with you all, y'all. Black Mountain is definitely potter friendly! Sorry I didn't make it up to the last meeting. Some of us are still interested in your group.

Barb Rogers(crone.potter)

John Britt said...

Nick, sounds like a good one. Let me know what I need to get to do it.

John Britt said...

Black Mountain is good. Just let me know when you want it. Think we are booked until April.

Crone said...

OK, thanks..and congrats to you, John, on your inclusion in Cereamics Monthly this month! Good work.
I can't post onto the Clay Club site, or I'd say it there! Please do it yourself...or someone who can!

John Britt said...

Didn't even see it yet, but will do it when I get it. thanks, jb

Oy Clay !!! Pottery said...

Thanks for posting all of the videos, John. I need to get an all wheel drive to get up there in the winter. Hopefully, My place will be ready in July or August for a Clay Club meeting.

John Britt said...

Nelle, No worries, clay club may be in the Asheville before then!