Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Clay Club January 12, 2011

Yo Clubbers,

I am trying to think of a topic for January Clay Club?? I did like seeing the demos last time, and the short videos were a hit! They are on You Tube and I posted them on the blog.

So I thought we could do that again?!? ... Have it at my studio (unless someone else wants to do it at theirs?) and have some demos...what do you think?.

Anyone want to demo something to be taped and posted on You Tube?  I probably need about 5 - 7 people again.

Of course, I could demo how to recycle clay or how to clean a studio....

Let me know,

John Britt


Alex Matisse said...

seems like there might be one demo missing from the videos?

Patty said...

I'll do a demo John.

John Britt said...

Hey Patty,

That would be great. As long as you can make it up to Mitchell County?!

Doc is coming too and is going to demo.