Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Free Clay & Glaze Materials GONE 5/5/11

Disclaimer: All materials have been stored in a dry basement for over 12 years. All clay and gazes assumed to be Cone 10 based on knowledge of previous owner/potter. Test to be sure - No guarantees.

· Feldspar 200: Three 50lb bags. One open, two sealed
· Ground Silica – SIL-CO-SIL / US Silica: Two 50lb bags sealed
· 350 pounds of Cone 10 Highwater clay – in original bags - varying levels of dryness - some mold on surface of clay. Light color, medium grit clay. No name of clay on boxes.
· Large garbage can of recyclable clay – Cone 10 – assume to be same as above.
· 6 five gallon pails of mixed glaze – unknown content..

Located 15 minutes southeast of Asheville off 74A. Call Loretta at 828-299-8319 if interested.

Gone 5/5/2011


Anonymous said...

I have someone scheduled to pick all of it up Saturday. Lindsay - Thanks for posting this for me.

Lindsay Rogers said...

No problem!