Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Castroville Pottery Workshop 2011

I just got back from a Glaze Workshop at The Castroville Pottery in Castroville TX which is 30 minutes outside of San Antonio, TX.  Key word - HOT.  Smoking hot!

Here is a shot of the group. We had 18 participants and had a great time. It is a great little pottery outside of San Antonio, TX.

Here is a shot of me making frit. I mixed up the ingredients and melted them in a raku kiln, driving off the carbon dioxide, and pouring it red hot into cold water.

Here is the recipe fo:

Frit 3110 (our version)
20.50 Soda Ash
5.65 Borax
2.09 EPK
9.41 Whiting
14.64 Custer Feldspar
47.70 Silica

Then you have to ball mill it and you have homemade frit. Not something I would recommend doing but it is great to do once so you can see why people frit materials.

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