Saturday, October 22, 2011

A lot of us muckers are dyslexic.  If you struggle with reading, math, reading relationships, wish you were asian so you could read backwards, there's help:  Talked to a dyslexic dyslexia therapist from  Blacksburg VA, about conquering the jumble of letters and visual cues.  It's remarkable how many Great Men and Women were dyslexic (e.g., FDR, maybe Edison and Einstein, though that might be wishful thinking-- non-dyslexics can check).  The book touted at the dyslexia site is supposed to be terrific though I don't know why you'd recommend a book to a dyslexic.  But there's hope!  The woman I talked to--at the So Highland Craft Show now going on, by the way--is Jamie Worley, 540-552-0603.