Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Slab Roller, Kiln and Extruder for SALE!!!!

We are downsizing our studio and have the following equipment for sale. We will appreciate your help.
We are located in the Riverside Business Park, Bay 27 in (Woodfin area) of Asheville.  Call for additional information and appointments to see pieces at the following phone numbers.

Julie: 828-280-1107
Ty:    828=242-1437

Thanks, Julie & Ty Larson

BAILEY SLAB ROLLER  -  Long table with drive boards.  40" wide X 100" long.  We really hate to sell this, but it simply won't fit in our new much smaller studio space.

We paid: $2356.00 including shipping.  Asking: $1500.00

L & L  Da VINCI KILN -  Interior dimensions: 30" X 30" X 27" high   Kiln needs new wiring.  Includes belt-lift option and downdraft vent

New cost: $4200.00  Asking: $1800.00

BAILEY PNEUMATIC EXTRUDER: Stainless barrel.  Stand and cut off tables.  (9" extension barrel)  Used only a few times.
We paid: $1628.00 with shipping.  Asking $1100.00

In addition, we have many smaller studio items which we are going to sell.  Shelving, small carts, tables, Sears Scroll Saw with floor stand, Radial-arm Saw, and a 3-bin stainless-steel restaurant sink with side   trays.  All these items can be seen at our present location.

 Thanks ,again,

Julie & Ty
Julie: 828-280-1107
Ty:    828=242-1437

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