Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sad News about David McWilliams!

This is a very difficult post, but must be done, albeit through tears. 

I learned of the passing of a long time friend, colleague, and former coworker yesterday, David McWilliams, who worked very closely with me and my husband for 15 years at Highwater Clays

Dave worked tirelessly for Highwater and was one of the most brilliant men I ever had the privilege and joy of knowing. Most of my artist friends probably remember him as well, because he was as helpful to our customers as he was as our friend. We could ask him anything on any topic and he always gave the right advice. He took photographs at Dennis’s and my wedding over 20 years ago. Dave helped us with personal advice--he enjoyed telling me what Dennis wanted for Christmas and helping me find it. What wonderful memories.

He helped me choose a new car when I needed one quickly, helped me choose tires for bad weather, and so much more I cannot list. He gave me great support when I opened my humble little gallery, by visiting, helping me in remodeling decisions, photographing, and attending the grand opening. Dave cared deeply for his family, he loved his wife, Jan, and children and was always concerned for their well being. Those children, Abby and Ethan, are thriving adults now and I am thankful that Dave was able to participate in both of their weddings. 

This post is but a small tribute, (because there is more to say than could ever fit here), to a great man, gone too soon. My husband and I have grief for the loss of this wonderful person, for a time in our lives that is too far behind us, and our thoughts are with his beautiful family and our hearts go out to them during their time of grief. — feeling sad.

Dee Day 

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