Friday, August 15, 2014

Mold Situation

Slip casting friends,
One of my former co-worker friends sent me an e-mail last week about plaster molds for sale.  Here is her message:
"Friends of mine Tom and Augusta Saucer are in Johnson City, TN. They bought a lot of ceramic molds, and some ceramic equipment. They wanted the equipment mostly. When they got there with the truck the number of molds was misrepresented by thousands.. and now have a rather large collection of molds they don't need. Do you know of other artist in the community who would be interested in purchasing them? There selling them for a couple dollars each, mostly focused on getting rid of them.  If you are, Tom's number is: 423-557-6382 and Augusta is 423-557-6381."
I just called Tom today and these molds are still for sale, from $1 to $10 each. He said it's fine to call him at his number 423-557-6382 if you need more molds in your life. Alrighty then!

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