Monday, April 6, 2015

Skutt KM 1227 kiln for sale in Asheville

Skutt KM 1227, very good condition $1200  obo. 240V, 1 phase, 48 amps. Interior dimensions 28" x 26 1/2" deep.
Upgraded Euclid heavy duty elements elevating top temp to cone 9-10. Very sound lid, base and bricks. 12 half shelves (26" dia.) included, no posts. Seldom used; older potter, fewer pots. Time to sell.

Purchased from David Voorhees and never fired. My life changed direction. David purchased it used about 12 years ago and fired the kiln only about 25 times, mostly to bisque temperature. David replaced the elements a few years after he bought it with the upgraded Euclid elements. Skutt uses the same element in the 1227 as the smaller 1027 (I have both size kilns) and therefore it has a lower top temperature rating of cone 8 instead of cone 10. Euclid made the elements with a heavier duty wire and longer length to boost firing speed, temp and element life. Only issue for the kiln is the LCD panel has some light dots out so reading the panel is a little tricky, but it all functions properly and bricks are in great shape. I have not looked into the cost of replacing the panel.

Contact Heather at or 828-782-8307. Must pick up in Asheville, 28806.

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