Thursday, July 28, 2016

Soldner Potters Wheel for sale!!

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Soldner Potters Wheel for sale!!

This appears to be an older model Soldner, that means pre bluebird manuf. co. style.
These wheels are known for ease of repair, off the shelf parts.
Soldner foot pedals are the Cadillac of pedals, the ability for fine control at lower speeds is great!
I bought this wheel as I always wanted one, used it for a whole cycle of pots, 180 pots.
It performed very well, I just dont like the layout, use to Brent wheel I have.
Asking 600.00
email me at with questions. 
not interested in low ball offers, would rather keep it for a back up wheel.


mikpo said...

Whom did you buy it from, if you don't mind my asking? I sold one a few years ago.


shane mickey said...

I can't recall the name, but bought it up here in bakersville area.

Andrea said...

Has this been sold??

John Britt said...

Have to ask Shane.

shane mickey said...

=this wheel is long gone!

Jake Klotz said...

SOLDNER PRE BLUEBIRD P200 1/2 HP with foot pedals and splash plates.

I have two of these. Similar units pre Bluebird. With foot pedals and splash guards in NYC

Stored and barely used in a catholic school fro the last twenty or thirty years. They are from the 1970's

These are beautiful, with just normal wear of the plywood.

Email me