Thursday, July 14, 2016

Toe River Studio Tour meeting in Spruce Pine on July 19

The Toe River Arts Council (TRAC) is holding a studio tour meeting next Tuesday, July 19, at 3 pm at TRAC in Spruce Pine. All are welcome to attend, regardless of whether you've participated in studio tours in the past. The decision to extend the Friday studio tour hours was made based on discussion during the last studio tour meeting. If changes like that affect you, or if you have other ideas or suggestions for the tour, consider attending this meeting to share your input.

Here's the email announcement from TRAC (it looks like this was sent only to artists who participated in the most recent studio tour, but again, all are welcome):

We have scheduled a post tour meeting for Tuesday, July 19, at 3pm at the ARC in Spruce Pine. We’ll be going over some items that arose during this last tour and evaluating the survey results. (Many thanks to Dan Barron for collecting and doing comparisons–45 responses) We have invited the June tour participants, however, all are welcome.

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