Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bigger Pots, Made Easy Workshop With Gabriel Kline & Anja Bartels

Do you want to increase the scale of your work, but feel intimidated by large pieces of clay? Have you ever stood in front of a giant pot, and wondered just how it was made?

Join Anja and Gabriel as they demystify the techniques used to produce large-scale pottery on the potter's wheel. Demos will include a 50 lb bowl, a 40" diameter platter, team throwing, and sectional building techniques that allow the potter to build pots head high, or taller!

These techniques are simple, fun, and easy to learn. You'll be amazed at the pieces you create. In addition to the demos, the week will include discussions on glazing and firing techniques, as well as plenty of studio time to practice with individual help from the instructors.

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Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Tuition: $595 + $85 Lab Fee
Includes 150 lbs of clay

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