Friday, February 3, 2017

Art and Sōl kiln and wheel repair

My friend Pete is looking for a job and I thought I'd help if I could.

He has been working in the Solar Panel industry for many years. Unfortunately, with the new administration and uncertainty in the renewable energy market, all projects were put on hold and so he no longer has work. Why post on clay club??


Because of his background as an electrical engineer, he has rewired a ton of kilns/ control panels / recoiled and replaced elements... you name it. So, if you need your kiln upgraded or repaired OR are thinking about solar as an energy source - give him a call.

Art and Sōl
Kiln and wheel repairs...
All brands.
Art lighting... home, studio, gallery, or one art work.
See your art in the best possible light.
Colored mood lighting, hi-tech,
and green(hi-efficiency) lighting also.
Anything electrical...
Solar engineering consultant underemployed since election.
Pete 754-246-9260

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