Thursday, July 13, 2017

Used Skutt kiln for sale, $300

A friend in Zirconia has this older Skutt kiln for sale. $300 OBO, pick up only.
It was purchased new has been used for bisque and cone 6 firings and is still very serviceable.  It will need a new power cord.
Skutt model 231X (same size as current model 1027) with kiln setter, no limit timer
2380F, cone 10 capacity
230V, 45 amp, 10,400 watts
The lid is in poor but usable condition
The base is sound and it comes with a metal stand.
Some brick deterioration and a few drooping elements needing repinning.
All elements in good condition.
Some kiln shelves and posts come with it.
Dawson kiln setter in good condition.
The power cord has a section that got too close to the kiln and needs to be replaced.
Contact me if you want more info or want the kiln. You must move it, I can help you load it.
Located in Zirconia, NC 45 minutes south of Asheville off US 25.
David Voorhees

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