Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Lithium Carbonate and Cobalt carbonate Prices

Hey all you potters, I put on my commodity trading hat and just did a search for lithium carbonate at pottery suppliers and the prices are rising fast. Laguna (Axner ) is now $43.00 a pound.
The cheapest I found is Highwater Clay at $13.50. Then Big Ceramic Store it $15.50, USpignemt is $24, The Ceramic Shop $24....and everyone else is over $30 on the way to $40...Sheffield, Armadillo, Georgies, etc.
If you use Lithium Carbonate in your glazes now may be the time to get some. May be worth the shipping cost. ..Thanks Elon Musk and lithium/cobalt batteries for cars...phones too . Assume that cobalt is next ..Highwater is best $20 Axner is $37.

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