Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Free glaze calculation software for Windows, Mac and iOS

In case you missed it, John Hesselberth’s GlazeMaster glaze calculation software is now free. There had been some issues with the Mac version for the most recent OSs; those have now been resolved. A Windows version is also available.

More info and GlazeMaster for Windows and Mac downloads here: http://masteringglazes.com/glazemaster/

In addition, Lanse Stover is working on a version of GlazeMaster for iOS, GlazeMaster Go. It’s currently in development and Lanse is offering free trial downloads of the beta version. I’ve been trying it and though I usually use Insight, I can definitely see the usefulness of having glaze calculation software on a phone or tablet that works without an internet connection (looking at you, Country Cablevision ...).

More info and GlazeMaster Go iOS download request here: http://ausablepottery.com/glazemaster-go.html

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