Sunday, January 26, 2020

STAR White cone 6 clay for sale – limited time offer!

Tricia Cutler is at Penland for one more week and is interested in selling her STAR White cone 6 clay. Here are the details from Tricia:

I’m a resident artist here for another week and I’m interested in selling my clay that I picked up on my way here.

It’s star white fine cone 6 and looks beautiful in electric oxidation and soda/salt fired kilns.

I would like to sell 450lbs at .45cents a lb in total $202 roughly. If you know anyone that uses this clay please let me know! Would be happy to deliver or meet up in some way.

The reason I’m selling is because I fell in love with another clay. I need to buy that and bring it home and don’t have enough room in my car for both clays!

My only problem with phone calls and contact is that I do not have service on my phone. I’m having big issues that can’t be revolved until I leave Penland. So iPhone messages and FaceTime is my way of contact. (252-216-7580) Also, Facebook and Instagram I have access to, and email ( as well.

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