Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hello. This is Micah Cain and I am one of the new ceramic residents at the EnergyXchange. I really appreciate the invitation to join the blog. Right now i am still getting settled into the studio and becoming familiar with the area and have visited a few studios. There are some really great people and artists in these "hills". I would also like to offer my ceramic services if anyone is interested in having a little extra help around. If anyone knows someone who might be in need of an extra hand just let me know. Pretty much an aspect of the ceramic process is game. I have included an image of one of my pieces and if i had an image of myself i would include that as well.
Thank you and i hope to talk to many of you soon.


Shane Mickey said...

welcome to the clay club and the area! sorry i missed ya the other day. and i will get back to you about some hired help if the mint show is a good one

Michael Kline said...

Hey Micah, Welcome! And THANKS for all your awesome help last week. I hope you will stop by and check out the new pots before I pack em up for the show(s). Here is a picture of Micah and Naomi after the firing the other day.

Michael Kline said...

sorry I misspelled your name.

John Britt said...


If you send me your email address I will put you on our clay club mailing list,

John Britt

Anonymous said...

good for you! glad to hear you are doing well micah, hope everything is awesome, you are in a great place!

jonathan barnes