Thursday, September 4, 2008

Piedmont Pottery Problems

I saw this "headline" on my email client, AT&T (Bellsouth). Looks like Seagrove has gotten some national attention regarding pottery festival feuds. WTF? Here it is....

Pottery feud divides NC town of Seagrove
Published: 9/4/08, 11:25 AM EDTBy MARTHA WAGGONERSEAGROVE, N.C. (AP) -

Among the endless allegations of thievery, financial subterfuge and conspiracy, there is only this certainty: North Carolinians take their pottery seriously.
And that's about all outspoken potter Don Hudson can say without throwing himself further into a deepening dispute among the noted artisans living in an area of central North Carolina rich in natural clay, where pottery has flourished for more than 250 years.
The dispute has resulted in two pottery festivals in Seagrove scheduled for the same November weekend. One is new this year, the other has been held for the last 26.
The divide, and all the confusing reasons for a fight over pottery, can appear ridiculous to outsiders. But it's venomous for those involved, resulting in ugly propaganda, reports of a gunshot fired at one shop and allegations of assault. Attempts to settle it have gotten nowhere.

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Michael Kline said...

Thank goodness Don Hudson has been accurately portrayed. His ill feelings about the pottery center and the new pottery festival are coming home to roost. Good people won't stand for his attacks.

tsbroome said...

My husband was the AP photographer that shot the pictures for this story. He spent a lot of time with the reporter and I have been hearing about this story for a couple of months. I can say that Gerry and Martha were very professional and poor Gerry stayed unbiased about all of it in spite of living with a potter. I heard a lot of what was said, seems like such a mess for a bunch of people that I'm sure just want to throw some pots (or do they say turn in Seagrove, can't remember). hope it gets better before someone really gets hurt. Gun shots? Oh my gosh!