Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mix Baby Mix

This Paoli mixer was originally purchased by Tyrone and Julie Larson in 1968 in Bandana, NC. They have since moved to Weaverville/Woodfin and sold it to me. Now it's back in Mitchell Co. Full circle!
The operator of the forklift was swift at his work, a little too swift for us. He couldn't even bear to look! Thanks to the human forklift here on the Snow Creek end, David Ross, Micah Cain, Terry Gess, Naomi Dalglish, Michael Hunt. You guys were awesome to help. Thanks also to Kyle Carpenter for his logistics expertise on the front end of the job.


Clay Club said...

That thing's so huge you could reclaim bodies!

Michael Kline said...

Don't joke to an amputee about that!