Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ASU wood kiln

Don't you love the smell of a flatbed full of refractory in the morning?

This is a load of bricks and shelves for the new I'm doing in Boone. It's part of a kiln building class at App State. There are about 10 students involved so we are making pretty good progress.

I'll try to post updates from time to time.


Michael Kline said...

Smells like.............reduction?
So that's what you're up to in Boone?! If you keep building all of these wood kilns we're going to have to plant more trees, or bamboo! HaHa
Way to go, I'll look forward to your progress reports.

Michael Kline said...

Is this going to be the pallet burner?

Mark Peters said...

No, the pallet burner will be for the Energy Xchange, but that's a long way from a done deal.