Wednesday, October 1, 2008

'Lil stoker

Just fired the kiln this weekend. Here's a photo of Wren doing her pyromania training.

My wood got a bit wet from the blowing rain during that storm a few days ago. That and a few other issues resulted in a longer than normal firing. A mighty big thanks go to Will Baker and Ken Sedberry who came to the rescue. They both brought a load of dry wood late Saturday night. Never would have made temp without that. I owe you guys!

Unloaded it on Tuesday and found out what that loud exploding sound was that happened at about 600 degrees. My one advancer shelf blew up. It did surprisingly little damage. Lost a few insignificant pots. I did get a small shard in 2 nice pieces (including one of the new chicken plates). I guess I get to keep those now.

Off to make deliveries tomorrow. Pray for gas!

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