Monday, October 6, 2008

I Got Gas

Doing a little research here. For those of you who got gas (for your kiln)... How much do you use for a cone 10 firing? And under what conditions i.e. what size is your tank? kiln size? hard/ soft brick? What PSI do you operate at? Thanks very much!
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Shane Mickey said...

depends on the materials, most of my softbrick kilns use around 10% out of a 500 gallon tank, which is roughly 40 gallons, the salt kilns use a little less than twice that amount.

John Britt said...


I usually use about 5 - 7% of a 500 gallon tank but the kilns are smaller (10 cu.ft.) . So I figure that is about $50 - $70 per firing. The oxidation firings are cheaper and faster than reduction by a lot though.

John Britt

potrron said...

I use about 8-10% of a 500/tank. The kiln is about 60 cu.ft. insize using soft brick, I work at 3-5 psi. I do a reduction, heavy at cone 05 with only slight reduction. I will do sseveral more reduction, about 10 minutes each, before cone 1, When I reach cone 8 I try to do a couple more reductions. I like to maintain a slight reduction to neutral atmosphere, so there is a steady climb in temp.