Monday, July 13, 2009

Killer Ash

Here is the recipe:

Killer Ash cone 10
25% Wood Ash
25% Nepheline Syenite
25% Silica
25% Wollastonite

The colorants are :

Above 5% red iron

And the previous post is labeled.


John Britt


Clay Club said...

Killer Ash, not so killer photo. Aren't you TEACHING people how to photograph? C'mon now!

John Britt said...


Critical little shit.

Yes, you are correct but taking photos in British Columbia in a room with 20 potters trying to get out of town makes it difficult at best. and did I mention I had to hurry up.

Try the glaze though and you will be happy.

It may improve your outlook on life!

John Britt said...


Actually the interesting thing about this glaze is that it is matt at first and in an iron progression test it goes glossy at about 4-5% and then back to matt at about 9- 10%