Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rice Hull Ash

Does anyone out there have a source for Rice Hull Ash?

Got someone interested and is having trouble.

John Britt


June Perry said...

It used to be sold for only around $2 a bag, as Kleen Sweep; but I think they've now added oil to it and are selling it for a great deal more.
Rice hull ash is around 94% or so of pure, fine silica, so you could use something like amorphous silica as a replacement for most of it and fill it in with the other oxides in small amounts. A glaze chemistry program should be able to get you close enough to the formula.
I think one possible test is to replace 94-95% of it with the amorphous silica and the rest with wood ash. That would give some of the trace minerals and some carbon, which the rice hull ash has.

Michael Kline said...

Mackenzie Smith bought a bunch for the spring concentration. Susan Feagin might have his source.

June Perry said...

Mckenzie gave me a source a year or so ago. I check my supplier list and found this one. I'm not sure if this is the one he gave me.

Agrilectric is burning rice hulls and they say they're selling the ash. I didn't find any cost info.
Here's their web page.

June Perry said...


I found at formula for rice husk ash in my notes, if anyone wants it.

Craig said...

Hey John,

I purchased a 50 pound bag from Industrial Minerals in Sacramento a few years ago. I would be willing to ship 10 pounds or so if that would help. I have more than I will need.



Craig said...

I just read June's comments. Perma-Guard in located in ABQ and they sell Pure Fossil Flour which is 100% diatomaceous earth from an inland,fresh water source, they claim it is "food grade," I also have more of this on hand than I will use.

Let me know.


John Britt said...

June and Michael,

Thanks for the reply.

It is very nice of you to take the time to write.

I got some of the stuff from McKenzie but Joe Brecha was wondering about a bulk source for his supply business in Tacoma Washington.

I will pass it on.


John Britt said...


That is nice of you, but I have enough for myself, I was trying to find a reliable source for Joe at The Clay Art Center in Tacoma.

I will have him look a the posts and hopefully he will get back to you.