Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ART in the AIRPORT (continued)

Just talked to Amy at the Airpoft and she said they aren't doing group shows at this point, or in the foreseeable future....But everyone who wants to... should submit and they can take up to 10 artist's per show. (Not necessarily an affiliated group.)

Then we will see if they decide to do it with official groups.

Thanks to Kari and everyone for the overwhelming interest!

I think we all need a gallery to do a show!! Crimson Laurel or TRAC or The NEW MICHAEL KLINE GALLERY!

Maybe an ESTY SHOW!!??

John( I thought this would be easy) Britt


Jen Mecca said...

You could try the Charlotte airport. They do a show for the clay guild there..( just a thought)

John Britt said...

Thanks Jen,