Saturday, January 30, 2010

Coffee Shino

Here is a nice peachy Shino tea bowl that I got from the firing cycle I posted below. R1O I call it. (Reduction cycle R1 in my book with a 4 hour oxidation soak at 1800 F. )

It is Coffee Shino with some fire place ash sifted on, from the Endless Shino Exhibition in 2002 (?) with the recipes listed.


Cone 10 Reduction

68.20 Nepheline Syenite

13.60 OM-4 Ball Clay

9.10 EPK Kaolin

4.50 Redart

4.50 Salt

4.50 Tin Oxide

John Britt


Lee said...

Salt? What kind of salt is used?

John Britt said...

Table salt.