Thursday, January 14, 2010

Asheville In the Bull City

If you're in the Durham, NC area be sure to check out the exhibit at Claymakers, "Asheville In the Bull City". The show was curated by Ronan Peterson, and features several Clay Clubbers. Each potter has sent 30 or more pieces, so the gallery is sure to be filled with some great work.

There is an opening reception this Friday, January 15 from 6:00pm-9:00pm. The show will run from January 15 to March 12, 2010.

Here's a little bit from their website:

"Claymakers invites five Asheville, North Carolina area ceramic artists to exhibit their distinctive functional vessels in the Bull City. This exhibit includes the work of Will Baker, Patty Bilbro, Kyle Carpenter, Karen Newgard, and Lindsay Rogers. Each of these functional potters has developed a singular interpretation of everyday pottery, from the graphic, black-on-white porcelain of Karen Newgard to the warm, earthy, atmospheric stoneware of Will Baker. Each artist employs their own approach to surface and decoration, with Lindsay Rogers' minimal, detailed lines and textures nicely contrasted by the intimate brushwork of Patty Bilbro and Kyle Carpenter's bold salt fired slip and glaze brushwork. Don't miss this special showing near downtown Durham of some of the best ceramics the mountains of western North Carolina have to offer."


Anonymous said...

The John R Carlisle Institute has a research facility in Asheville and I look forward to every visit! Such a great city.

John R. Carlisle

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