Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Clay Club September 14, 2011

Yo Clubbers,

Club is coming next week September 14 from 6:00 - 8:30 p.m. No one has volunteered to host so I guess I will do it at my studio (unless there are other takers?). At least I am in Mitchell County!

I included a list from the January meeting of stuff we wanted to do.  We have done the ones in red and I am proposing the one in blue for September.

Marketing Meeting Lecture –email/blog/Facebook/Etsy/Twitter/etc. New media

But to do that I will need some help because I don't do Tweeting, or a bunch of other stuff. I can show what I do and we can have an informal discussion of marketing methods that have worked for people. Probably need Michael Kline, Joy Tanner, Will Baker, Shane Mickey, Cynthia Bringle,  etc. To round out the field.  Any chance of that happening?

One other thing we can do it to have a photo contest of the messiest studio. Just take a photo of your mess and send it to me and I will post as many as I can and then we can vote. You don't have to have your name associated with your photo (just tell me and I will give them all a number) and the prize will be that Michael Kline will come over and clean up your studio for you?!  How does that sound?! (I think he uses the large dumpster method and a crane!)

Here is the list of stuff we wanted to do :

Ideas for 2011 Clay Club
  • Name tags
  • Photos contest for the blog of the messiest studio
  •  Glaze exchange – bring tiles and swap recipes or combinations of glazes or Share one glaze recipe and have everyone fire it on a pot and then bring it for Clay Club.
  • Tour of Unimin (contact Elizabeth Westveer)
  •  Mug Making Party at Penland (March)
  • Alex Matisse Studio/kiln ((February)
  • Empty Bowls (John Hartom)
  • Tea Pot Party –everyone brings parts of the same claybody and assemble and fire
  • Marketing Meeting Lecture –email/blog/Facebook/Etsy/Twitter/etc. New media
  • Clay Olympics (Odyssey) bring own clay and coil build fastest, have teams, throwing, make the best kiln god, etc.
  •   Kiln maintenance night
  • Orton cone box type contest   
  • Doc Welty Studio (fall)
  •  Crimson Laurel
  • Energy Xchange
  • Apply for Trac Group Show 2012 -Deadline March 15, 2011
  • Karoke!

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