Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cone 10 Grey Transparent Celadons?

Hey All,
I am looking for a nice dark grey Celadon for Cone 10 reduction. After looking through John's book and a few others, it seems that the usual colorants for these glazes are highly toxic (Nickle oxide, iron chromate, uranium oxide). Are there other good oxide colorants out there or should I look for stains?


John Britt said...


You can get grey with a thin coat of celadon on an iron body in reduction and it is pretty transparent.

You can get grey with a stain but have to use it in small quantities for it to be transparent (2 - 4% or so).

Sperry Crawl (50 NS/ 50% Mag. Carb.) goes grey with 3% copper carbonate but it is crusty not a good transparent,

Perfect Grey cone 10R

potash spar 55
whiting 25
EPK 10
Glomax 10

cobalt carb .25
nickel carb 1.25
rutile 3.5

breaks brown where thin

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can see now that John had replied already, so why should I? :-)
I just got this idea: I'd try to mix in little bit of artificial "gosu slip" colorant.
There are many recipes for this mixture (see e.g. "Inside Japanese pottery" book)
In my tests it was quite nice neutral black/gray.

John Britt said...


Could you post the recipe? I have several in my book but not sure it is the same as yours.