Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ceramic Equipment for sale in Nashville, TN

Ceramic equipment for sale in Nashville, TN, 3/19-20----- Please share:

Skutt kiln, large, KS1227 equivalent (c/8) has add'l blank ring (c/1)

Slip mixer & mold pouring table (w/ recycling mixer)

Great-good-or-likely-good-though-officially-as-is condition -- Owned and maintained by my electrical engineer uncle, who was also a great ceramics nerd. (Slaking needed in the pouring table tank.)

Additional kiln parts, elements, kiln shelves, hand tools, brushes, cones, commercial glazes, spray gun, molds. 

Photos are clearer and large at the link below.

Estate sale -- 3/20 & 3/21

Address will be available at this link after 9:00 AM on Thurs, Mar 19th, 2015:…/…/Nashville/37211/806046

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Tina Gebhart said...

Kiln is what Skutt calls the "Old School Production Workhorse". It's a sitter model, 48 amps, single phase, 240v line, takes same elements as a modern 1227. Model from about 1970, but looks better than most kilns I see that are 7 yrs old. That's my Uncle Paul, electrical engineer. Ohm readings and visual inspection suggest these are brand new elements. Lid hinge rod has been removed, as these old lid hinges are not trustworthy according to Skutt. Costs $7 to replace, OR a best-replacement modern 'lid brace package' costs $45.

Sadly, I lost the technical specs on the slip mixer and pouring table. Photos on the website are larger, hopefully you can see enough to answer your questions.