Thursday, August 2, 2018

August Asheville Art News and the new Asheville Art Calendar

Jim Kransberger shared the the August issue of Asheville Art News, which includes information about the new Asheville Art Calendar:

It is up and running, and now both Asheville and WNC readers, and visitors, have access to comprehensive Art & Craft event information which previously could only be found by dredging through numerous websites. Posting to this calendar is both open access and free to Artists, Galleries, Exhibitions, Art Walks, Studios, Schools and Classes, Associations, and Open Houses . . . everyone who promotes Arts & Crafts. If this sounds altruistic, it is ... we want the emerging artist or crafter, as well as those established, to have the opportunity to be seen.

The success of this site is largely dependent upon the willingness of people who make and/or sell art to take an active role in entering their events so that their customers or clients (some yet unknown) can attend, or make plans to attend, an opening, exhibition, etc.

All the bells and whistles are yet to be connected. It is functional and you can “occupy your dates” well in advance of an event.

Asheville Art News:
Asheville Art Calendar:

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