Thursday, August 30, 2018

Pottery wheel and kiln for sale in Blowing Rock, North Carolina

10/9/18 update: the kiln has been sold

9/30/18 update: the kiln is still for sale. Marianne is willing to reduce the price to $1800.00, though with that price she cannot deliver the kiln.

9/3/18 update: the wheel has been sold

Marianne Hall from Blowing Rock is selling her kiln and wheel. See the attached pictures. Her note with kiln pricing is the last image. She is asking $400.00 for the wheel.

You can reach Marianne at She says "The kiln price is negotiable. When pricing it, I spoke with Maggie Black and she felt this was a good price. We would be willing to deliver free up to 100 miles."

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