Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Meet Gillian Parke at In Tandem Gallery

  An Evening  

  with the Artist  

Gillian Parke will be at In Tandem Gallery

    Saturday 18th - 4-7pm.    
The first time I saw this work I was honestly blown away.
In my opinion, Gillian Parke's creations are the epitome of high elegance - but with an edge.  She uses this wonderful porcelain clay body and then mixes in big and rough feldspar particles to it; also known as 'Chicken Grit' if you've done some farming... See that contrast I'm talking about?
She then applies underglazes, wax resist, glazes, decals, multiple types of lusters, overglazes.... then, fires a bunch of times for each layer and viola; absolutely gorgeous pieces come out.

In Tandem Gallery  

20 N. Mitchell Ave • Bakersville, NC, 28705
Phone: (828) 688 6428 • •

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